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Saturday Morning Sickness: We Are The End

Another week has come and gone, and with it brings the weekend! So sit back, relax and turn your speakers up because we got an oldie but a goodie on our radar this week... today's Saturday Morning Sickness goes to who other than WE ARE THE END!

We Are The End were formed way back in 2005 in Los Angeles, California and two years later, they dropped their first EP entitled "Skies Most Wanted," which contained only three tracks. Those three tracks, however, helped boost WATE into underground Myspace fame, due to their intense heavy chugging and raw vocals. "Skies Most Wanted," "1000 Bodies To Bury," and "A Portrait Painted By a Prince" were all highly desired songs for every deathcore kids Myspace profile, and for good reason - these dudes definitely raised the bar in terms of the heavy factor for 2007. The band made a name and a following for themselves and went on to release various EPs and tracks throughout the years, but a full length record unfortunately never came. It wasn't until late last year that We Are The End released "Self Destructive Behavior, which features Marcel Roncsak, and it kicks ass. It's a whole new WATE - a whole new level of brutality from some of the original guys in the scene. The band say that a new record, music video, and hopefully tours are on the way for 2017 - bringing hope that maybe it is finally time for We Are The End to reclaim the throne they once held and to teach the younger kids in the genre just how it was done in the good ol' days.

Give "Self Destructive Behavior" a listen on the bands Bandcamp profile here, and show them some love on Facebook to stay in the know about the upcoming news from the WATE crew - I'm most definitely looking forward to a new album from these guys!


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