The Order of the Good Death

Death scares the fuck out of people - you don't have to work in the death industry to know that. Go to a funeral home and take a look around, and you're bound to see multiple people in the room who look panicked or freaked out that there's a dead body just feet away from them. Many people I've met personally have flat out told me that they physically cannot go to a funeral service because it freaks them out so much. Believe it or not, people weren't always so freaked out about death. In earlier centuries, when someone died, the family would take on the responsibility for cleaning and caring for the body before burial. The family would spend time with the recently deceased - sometimes even days at a time - before preparing for their burial. People weren't so spooked and horrified by the concept and presence of death; they didn't hide it like we do in modern day, where as soon as someone dies they need to be whisked away the second it happens and put into the ground. There is a group of people who are dedicating their time and lives to help make the world just a bit more "death positive" and a little less afraid of the big sleep... and they go by the name The Order of the Good Death.

Founded in January 2011, the Order of the Good Death is the coming together of funeral industry professionals, artists, and academics to help prepare the people of the world for their ultimate end: death. In a world that is so phobic of death and death culture, The Order are coming together to help educate and enlighten the public about how to face death head-on, how to handle death, and embracing death. But it isn't just about our personal deaths - it's about all of the death culture: from death in our family, to your views of the afterlife, to grieving, and even the decomposition of bodies. It's about understanding that death is a natural part of life - but the anxiety that the world has surrounding death needs to be tackled and put to rest. That's where The Order comes in.

There are a great amount of members who belong to the Order of the Good Death (and you can learn just who they are here!). People from all walks of life who have a passion for creating a death positive world have pledged to the Order and its mission, and in 2013, the first ever "Death Salon" was held in LA. The Death Salons bring together the members of the Order from all over the world to one common place where the hot topics of death can be discussed, face to face and without the commenting of the internet world. Think of it as the ComicCon of the death industry!

One more thing I'd love to highlight about the Order of the Good Death is their blog they have over at their website, which features fantastic articles related to the death culture. If you're a fan of Soulless more for the death topic and not so much the music, take a peek at the Order's blog here - surely you'll find something that will spark your interest.

All in all, the Order of the Good Death is the future of the death industry and death culture. They are stripping away the scary masks that death bares and showing the not-so-scary face that lies beneath. They are the ones who are bringing back the open conversation about death and mortality, and they are on a mission to help scream from the roof tops, "death doesn't have to be so scary!" Soulless supports The Order of the Good Death and its mission whole heartily, and if you'd like to learn more about the organization, the Death Salon, or even just to read about what all of this means, please take a moment to check out their website! Stay tuned to Soulless as we dig deeper into the topic of death positivity.