Saturday Morning Sickness: Dr. Acula

For the last Saturday Morning Sickness, we ventured out to Los Angeles, California to take a trip down memory lane with WE ARE THE END. But for this week's edition of SMS, we're coming back to the hometown of Soulless for one of Long Island's notorious Myspace-era bands, DR. ACULA!

Dr. Acula was formed in 2005 as a joke band: the lyrics were wild, the music was crazy, but the live shows were nuts. The band adopted a grindcore/deathcore-ish sound with the release of their demo Chillogy (2006) before going out on two DIY tours across the US in the summer and fall of 2006, before releasing their follow-up demo S.L.O.B. (Silver Lipped Operator of Bullshit, released in 2007). The band caught the attention of Uprising Records, who helped the band release their debut full length Below Me in 2008. The album was released to mixed reviews, but it helped the band tour and play festivals, getting the DA name out there.

Below Me was followed up two years later by The Social Event of The Century in 2010, which got better reviews than Below Me did. But eventually three members of the band ended up leaving the band, leaving only one original member. The two albums to follow were both released on Victory Records, which really helped give the band the extra attention and push that they both need and deserved. But at the end of 2012, the band announced that the shows in early 2013 would be the final shows in the Dr. Acula history books. And like that, the band just disappeared.

...until August of 2015 rolled around, and a 10 year reunion show would be taking place in October 2015 featuring the original lineup of Dr. A! The show took place on Long Island, NY (naturally) and brought the Dr. Acula story to close.

I think what made Dr. Acula so good was that they didn't take themselves so seriously. They knew from the beginning that the band and the music was for fun, and they definitely knew how to party. The deathcore scene can be a pretty serious space for a lot of bands, but Dr. Acula weren't afraid to be themselves and just have some fun with it - and anybody who's ever been to a Dr. A show could definitely attest to that. But I guess towards the end, the charm and fun wore off for the guys and the band had to call it quits. But in their years active as a band, they put out some pretty gnarly music, caused a stir in the deathcore scene (they weren't exactly the most popular guys in the scene), and had fun with what they were doing - and it kicked a lot of ass.

As far as I know, the only band member still playing is Joey Simpson, who played samples in 2009-2011, in his band Kissing Candice. I couldn't find any of the other guys projects, but I'll definitely update this piece if any links or names get dropped my way.