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Weekly Wretched: No Zodiac - Altars of Impurity

NO ZODIAC from Phoenix, Arizonia just dropped a colossus-sized album this past Friday entitled ALTARS OF IMPURITY, and it's ten of the hardest and in-your-fucking-face metal we've gotten this year so far. It's a beautifully written piece of music that definitely takes influences from older hardcore style bands and heavy metal bands, giving it a great balance where the hardcore is hard and the heavy is no doubt heavy, if that makes sense. Altars of Impurity is the bands third full length album; it's a follow-up to 2015's Eternal Misery that got into many people super excited for their new work. Altars of Impurity straight up kills.

"Santisima Muerte" kicks off the album with some sweet slow beatdown style chugs before the song suddenly just launches you into pure madness when the pace is picked up and the vocals kick in. The vocalist has a very raw, very real sound to him that definitely reflects the hardcore influence the band seems to have. But don't get me wrong - his vocals are low and heavy; and they definitely add a powerful boom to the already intense instruments the vocals are laid upon. For a perfect example of that, the next track, "River of Hypocrisy" will sure as hell reassure you of what I'm talking about. The songs all have a naturally groovy sound to them, making this a sick record to just throw on in the background and hang out to. But when the breakdowns hit, you're attention will quickly be brought back to the music as it hits. The breakdowns are hard and downright mean - I can only imagine how intense these would be in a live setting.

"Corroded Soul" is one of my personal favorites of Altars of Impurity, almost being reminiscent of a NAILS song (and I mean that in the absolutely best way possible). It already kicks off as a fast song, it slows for a moment, then picks up even faster before leading into one of my favorite killer breakdowns of the entire record. Like I said earlier, this album is all up in your shit the entire time its on, and this track is a prime example! Other sick tracks I'd recommend would be "Swine," "The Tribulation," and the closing track "God Never Came." Honestly though, the whole track is fresh and makes for great angry music. "Hung by the Tongue" even features a guest vocal spot by Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder, which fucking kills. If Strnad approves, you know it's going to be some straight up brutality! If you're a fan of pretty much any genre of metal, you should be able to find something on Altars to appreciate and take with you. Each track is different and takes a different path than the others, which makes for ten great tracks of sick brutal metal.

Check out "Santisima Muerte" off of Altars of Impurity below, and if you like what you hear, pick up a copy of the album and give 'em a like on Facebook! They are also now on tour with OCEANO across the USA, so show up early and show these guys some love!


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