Superstition Sunday #2

Welcome to Superstition Sunday #2 at Soulless, where we focus on weird yet fascinating superstitions from around the world. Since today's feature falls on Easter Sunday, I thought it would be fun to direct today's topic to the holiday! Let's jump right in...


Apparently, if either Good Friday or Easter Sunday fall on March 25th (which is also Lady Day), there is a superstition that a national misfortune will occur in the following year. In 1910, Good Friday fell on March 25th and Edward VII died following a short sickness. And in 1951, Easter Sunday fell on March 25th and George VI saw his demise in the months that followed. The next time this occurs is in 2035, when Easter will fall on March 25th again.


It is said that any work of any kind that is done on Easter will always have to be done again later on. Almost as if it is a sign that the day is to be celebrated and not spent working. What's weird is folklore also says that any sewing work that is done on that day will never come undone.


Growing up, my Grandmother always had a bread roll saved in this fancy dish in her china cabinet that we never really questioned. Odd thing is... it never got moldy and gross, it just kinda lived there forever. Funnily enough, researching for this Superstition Sunday answered that question for me twenty years later! Apparently, bread and buns baked on Good Friday have a history of never molding, and eggs laid on that day will never spoil. The food items were said to have healing properties if fed to the sick, and each year, families would slice off just a little bit to feed to their sick family members. A hot cross bun that is also kept from one Good Friday until the next protects the household from fire.


And finally... eggs have their own bit of folklore and superstition surrounding them! Always break your eggs on the larger side, as breaking the smaller side is asking for disappointment in one's hopes and dreams. Double yolk inside of your egg has opposing meanings, depending on who you ask: some will tell you it foresees a wedding in the near future, while others will say it is a warning of death. And don't forget about the shells! Once you're done eating your egg, be sure to destroy the shell all the way, or a witch will use it to gain power of the person who ate it!