Saturday Morning Sickness: Through The Eyes Of The Dead

It's finally fucking Saturday, and you know what that means: Saturday Morning Sickness! In case you are unaware of what SMS is, every other Saturday morning we take a look at an older, usually Myspace-era deathcore/death metal band, reminisce in some old music, and find out if the band is up to anything more recently. This week we're going super old school with one of the first extreme metal bands I discovered all those years ago... THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD.

The legendary Through The Eyes Of The Dead were formed in 2003 out of Florence, South Carolina. Guitarist Justin Longshore put the band together and through numerous line-up changes, Longshore has always been the one constant in TTEOTD. The band ended up releasing three full length albums through Prosthetic Records that brought the band to the forefront of the heavy metal scene years ago. "Bloodlust," released in 2005, had Anthony Gunnells on vocals and featured the track "Two Inches from a Main Artery" which literally blew the online metal world up when it was first released. The song is heavy, loud, and completely relentless. Bloodlust was sick as hell, and "Malice" that followed up to it was just as crazy, if not even more in my opinion. "Malice" dropped in August of 2007, and featured Nate Johnson on vocals, with some of the most insane metal guitar-work to this day. I'm pretty sure every person who listens to this genre of music can tell you about "Failure in the Flesh" and just how heavy it is, along with fellow popular song "As Good As Dead." This album pushed TTEOTD to even further heights, and from a deathcore sound to a more melodic death metal sound. The album that followed is the infamous "Skepsis" which was dropped in 2010, which featured the band's current vocalist Danny Rodriguez. Skepsis brought the band back to their original deathcore sound and instantly became a fan favorite for many listeners of Through The Eyes Of The Dead. The band supported Skepsis extensively, touring with national bands like Whitechapel, Bury Your Dead, Chelsea Grin, The Faceless... the list goes on and on!

Just a few weeks ago, Through The Eyes Of The Dead announced that they have signed with eOne/Good Fight Music, and along with that announcement, said that later this year, an all-new TTEOTD album will be in the hands of fans! The band has been testing out material since the release of Skepsis, by sharing various clips through social media. But we have all been very patient since 2010 and it's about damn time some new TTEOTD content comes our way - cause these dudes are just insane.

Check out the video below of "Failure In The Flesh" from good ol' 2007! And if you're just as hyped about this band as we are, make sure you check them out on Facebook to stay updated on that new album!