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Weekly Wretched: Martyr Defiled - Young Gods

If you listen to heavy music, Martyr Defiled is a name that should not be new to you. The UK-based deathcore outfit has been around for ten years, and their last album "No Hope No Morality" created waves throughout the heavy music scene for their unique take on the genre that seemed to literally blend every genre of metal. The band's newest offering, "Young Gods" does not stray far from that same standard the band sets for themselves. There's a ton of amazing new music that's been coming out this year, but "Young Gods" has been one of the ones I've been most excited for - and I am incredibly pleased to say that it surpassed my expectations a thousand times over. The twelve songs that make up Young Gods might just be the anthem to my summer this year.

Young Gods was teased with a music video for "At The Throne of Salem" and it instantly caught my attention because of simply how heavy it was. Martyr Defiled's last album was no doubt a beast of brutality - but this new song seemed to bring the band to a new level with a dose of straight up heavy chugging and vocals that were definitely reminiscent of older MD, but they just feel a lot deeper this time around - especially with the growls and straight up screams at the final breakdown of this track. The album overall has simply devastating guitar tones and a drummer who matched the finger-work with booms perfectly. Throw in the unique vocal style of the band and this is just a recipe for a banger.

This album is just a sick collaboration of dudes making some crazy metal, and they did it super well. I think the heaviest song on the album feels like "Through Famine, War & Scorn," but I hope anybody who listened to this album already didn't miss that crazy ass bell breakdown in "Sins of the Mother" - if you did, stop reading and go back to it; it's perfection. But I've fallen in love with literally every song off this album; I haven't shut it off since it came out. It hits hard, grooves, and has killer riffs that will keep your head bobbing the entire time. Recommend tracks definitely include "Their Souls Are Mine," "Sins of the Father," and "Sow, And You Shall Reap." But dude honestly... sit down and give this whole thing a run through, you'll no doubt find something you'll love about the new Martyr Defiled. From the high shrieks to the low growls, the chugs and the breakdowns, and the thunderous bands from the kit - Young Gods is no doubt a breath of fresh air in the metal genre, and they're coming to take over the scene one metalhead at a time. Don't miss this shit.

Check out the music video below for "At The Throne of Salem" and if you like what you hear, pick up a copy or a shirt here and check the band out on Facebook!


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