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Cause of Death: Selfie

People these days are obsessed with their cell phones - many people have theirs always in hand in fear of missing anything on social media. We live in a time where numbers, likes, and comments drive our every day, and people have become obsessed with sharing their entire personal life on these platforms to get those views. Some people are willing to do anything to get a like on the Internet, even if it puts their life at risk. Unfortunately, not every risky photo shoot makes it to social media; in these cases, the selfie led to death. Check out this list of selfie related deaths and injuries, and hopefully learn from these peoples mistakes!

  • In June 2014, a sixteen year old girl fell sixty feet to her death in Italy while she was trying to take a selfie of herself with the shore.

  • Mexico, 2014 - A group of friends were drinking when a 21 year old guy from the group wanted to take a selfie for Facebook. He grabbed a gun and held it to his head, but it accidentally went off, killing him. He was declared dead at the scene.

  • In Russia in January, 2015, two men died after they pulled the pin from a live hand grenade. The two guys wanted to take a selfie together in the Ural mountains, and ended up accidentally killing themselves. The phone and photo were used as evidence of the circumstance of their deaths.

  • In July 2015, A woman was in Pagudpud in the Philippines vacationing when she asked her family to pull over so that she could take a selfie by the side of the road with a beautiful view. After getting out of the car and taking the picture, she was hit by an underage and speeding motorcycle. She was taken to the hospital and passed away.

  • In October 2015 in Chile, a 68 year old Belgian woman was vacationing to the El Tatio geysey field located in northern Chile. As she was attempting to take a selfie with the view behind her, she accidentally stepped backwards and fell into the scalding hot water of the geyser. Her husband did manage to pull her out, but the burns covered over 85% of her body, which led to her death a few days following the tragic event.

  • Turkey, December 2015. Five teenagers were trying to take a selfie with an airplane landing at a nearby airport, so they laid down in the middle of the road to get the photo with the plane landing in the background. But the mistake the teenagers made was they did this at night, and a truck driver did not see the teens laying down in the middle of the road. They were run over by the truck, and two of the five teens died. Turns out the teenagers had been drinking that night.

  • In May 2016, at a zoo in Rongchend, China was drowned by a walrus after taking selfies and even videos with the animal. A zookeeper attempted to save the man, but also ended up drowning in the incident.

  • If you find these stories fascinating, check out a list of a ton more selfie deaths here!


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