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Halfway to Halloween: Walpurgis Night

The sun is going down, it's beginning to cool down outside, the night time critters are beginning their descent over your neighborhood... and Walpurgis Night is just beginning! Tonight, April 30th, marks the beloved holiday known as Walpurgis Night, or in its long form, Walpurgisnacht. Tonight is the eve of the feast day of Saint Walpurga, but to us, tonight is a night of magic and mystery. Tonight is Witches Night! Tonight is a night of bonfires, celebration, dancing, and the enjoyment of life! Walpurgis has its roots in ancient pagan customs, festivals, and superstitions. The bonfires used on this day are thought to scare off evil spirits as the Spring weather approaches and with it, brings plenty of crops and livestock.

The May-eve holiday is the halfway point to the greatest holiday of the year: Halloween! It is pretty interesting that it is literally the halfway point to Halloween, since many consider Walpurgis Night to be like a second Halloween! Although the holiday is not widely observed here in the United States, in other countries, Walpurgis Night shares in many of the same traditions as Halloween! In ancient folklore, the night was used as a last chance for witches to stir up some trouble before the Spring warmed the land and brought life back to the land. So the people of the town would start bonfires, ring bells, bang drums, and even shoot guns into the air - all in an attempt to ward off the witches on Walpurgis Night so tomorrow, the Earth will awakened fresh and ready to produce!

Believe it or not, in some parts of the world, Walpurgis Night even has its own form of Trick or Treat! In Germany, young kids might spend the night pulling pranks on the people of the neighborhood and you might even see some little girls dressed up as little witches with hats and brooms to go with it! In Finland, you might see the children running through the streets with masks and screaming into the night.

But what is so magical about Walpurgis?! There's a good chance you have at least heard of the "veil" that lies between the world of the living and the world of the dead. This veil is essentially what seperates the two worlds and prevents one from crossing over into the other. But tonight... that veil is thinned out and that spiritual border between the two world is easier to cross, making it an absolutely amazing time to share in some beautiful witchcraft. It is a time for witches to focus their magical energies into nature as this in-between time of seasons occurs. It is a time for spells of growth, birth, change, and for seeking out truth and knowledge. It is the beginning to a wonderful season of personal growth!

To all of our beautiful friends celebrating Walpurgisnacht tonight, may tonight be a truly magical and memorable night for all of you. May you take the opportunity tonight to share your magic with the world and help your own journey of spiritual growth - blessed be to all on this Walpurgis Night! Only 6 more months til Halloween...


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