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Weekly Wretched: Shadow of Intent - Reclaimer

A little over as year ago, a little known band called Shadow of Intent dropped an album called "Primordial" that seemingly redefined the melodic deathcore and death metal scenes by infusing every type of sound into their record. Since its release, the dudes have created quite the name for themselves and fans have been begging and pleading for more. Well, this past Friday the band finally delivered on its long awaited follow-up to Primordial, and it hits even fucking harder and goes even fucking crazier than you could even think Shadow of Intent can go. "Reclaimer" is the devastating new release from SoI and the dudes have done it yet again; this one's another game changer.

"We Descend..." kicks off Reclaimer with Shadow of Intent's notorious piano and epic orchestra-based entrance, beautifully leading you into some sweet guitar work, some double bass, and Ben Duerr and Chris Wiseman's demonic fucking vocals. "The Return" continues the full force attack with its fast tempos and even faster vocals - I'm not kidding, this shit is fast. The blending of higher-pitched screams/singing and those sweet demonic growls sound perfect together, no other way to describe it. And the breakdowns? Yeah, they more than deliver. They are crushing and the perfect evocation of violence: a sure sign Shadow of Intent did something right. The band continue to deliver throughout the rest of Reclaimer, with slower songs like "The Heretic Prevails" (which has some pretty gnarly keys, listen closely), the instrumental "The Great Schism" (which they totally allowed the guitars to just go and have some fun with, and it totally works), and "The Mad Tyrant's Betrayal" which has even more beautiful guitars and some really crushing parts to it as it leads into the following track, "The Gathering of All."

Speaking of that song, Shadow of Intent brought in some incredible guest vocals who really killed it with the rest of the SoI guys. Aleksandr Shikolai of Slaughter to Prevail guest vocals on "The Gathering of All," you've got Tom Barber of Lorna Shore on "The Prophet's Beckoning," and one of my favorite tracks off the album, "The Catacombs" has not one but two guest vocalists on it: Jason Evans of Ingested and Dickie Allen of Infant Annihilator. All these songs are so sick and it was such an awesome idea and perfectly executed experiment having all these greats featured on their songs: everyone fit really well with Shadow of Intent's sound.

Reclaimer is one you'll definitely not want to pass on; fans of even the heaviest metal could definitely find something to enjoy off this. It's got deathcore, it's got death metal, it's got keys, it's got solos, it's even got some slam to it... these dudes took it all and out came Reclaimer, a sick-as-hell triumph the band should be super proud of.

The band release Reclaimer in its entirety on YouTube a day before the album's release, so check out the video below and give this bad boy a listen through! If you like what you hear, check out the band on Facebook and check out their merch store!


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