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This Saturday: Obscura Day 2017

This Saturday, May 6th, an exciting adventure awaits you, your family and your friends! Obscura Day 2017 is this Saturday, and you have just enough time to still buy tickets to your Obscura event and get your plans together for your adventure this weekend! Unfamiliar with Obscura Day?! Here's the lowdown: it's a day set aside by the awesome folks at Atlas Obscura where they have partnered with locations world wide! No joke - there are over 170 events going on in 36 states and 25 countries! This is education on a tremendous scale, and the discoveries all await you this Saturday! Atlas Obscura are the professionals when it comes to strange and unusual places - they go where the map makers don't and the travel guides won't to bring you coverage of all the cool unique locations our communities have to offer. Obscura Day is a celebration of all of the curious locations around the globe that give character and life to our local communities, and it's all fully endorsed by the awesome people at Atlas Obscura.

What types of adventures await you? In our hometown of New York, for example, we've got two amazing cemetery tours, a tour of Tesla's first factory, a movie screening inside of a moonshine bunker, and even a day-drinking exploration into Victorian wax figures, and that's just a handful from the list! There's all sorts of great, unique adventures lined up for Obscura Day 2017 - you just have to decide which one will be yours!

To participate in this event, click here and find your location to see what sort of curiosities are happening in your own community. You will see all sorts of events listed there, but if your community doesn't have anything going on especially for Obscura Day, try checking out the rest of the Atlas Obscura website here to learn about some other cool places you can check out on Saturday! You can share your experience with the world by using the #obscuraday hashtag on social media!

Obscura Day is a great chance to get outside as Spring is beginning here in the US and explore some strange new territory and learn something new about your own backyard! If you plan on participating in Obscura Day 2017, definitely be sure to also tag "#soullesscult" on your posts so we can see where our friends are exploring! Have fun!


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