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Saturday Morning Sickness: As Blood Runs Black

Just as the warmer months are approaching and things are getting heated, we're just getting the party started with Saturday Morning Sickness at Soulless! If you're unfamiliar with Saturday Morning Sickness, it is our bi-weekly throwback to the days of Myspace metal; when we would spend hours every day sitting around listening to the newest underground metal songs and adding the heaviest of the heavy to auto-play on our profiles. On the last SMS, we took a look at the legends in Through The Eyes of The Dead! But this week, we're focusing our attention on good ol' AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK!

As Blood Runs Black, otherwise known as ABRB, were formed way back in 2003 out of Los Angeles, California. The band released two demos before their debut full length, and the demos contained the early versions of "In Dying Days" and "Hester Prynne," the two songs which are the bands most notorious songs. In 2006, the bands debut album dropped - Allegiance - and it was a bombshell on the deathcore scene of the time. From the moment the "Intro" hits until the final brutality "Legends Never Die" delivers, Allegiance was just an overall genre-defining album. The guitars just felt naturally heavier than a lot of what we were listening to at the time, and suddenly As Blood Runs Black were everyone's obsession.

The thing about ABRB that I think they almost became known for was their constant lineup changes. When the band dropped their second full length - Instinct - in 2011, the band had already been through a ton of members and fans were always waiting on when the next change-up would occur. Nonetheless, Instinct was awesome, at least in my opinion. It definitely felt like an As Blood Runs Black album and it definitely kicked a lot of ass, but the music just didn't live up to the brutality of Allegiance. The band spent 2013 touring and began to write what would be the latest and final As Blood Runs Black album, Ground Zero. The band had some disagreements with Mediaskare, and Ground Zero would be the bands first album without the label. The band crowd funded Ground Zero and with it, the band got a decent amount of negative comments regarding contributors not receiving the goods that they were promised when they funded the album, but eventually in October 2014, the album dropped, but not to the success that the bands previous records had met. The band made live appearances as late as summer 2016, so maybe this isn't the end of As Blood Runs Black just yet. Only time will tell, but at least we still have the classics to keep the old school deathcore vibes alive!


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