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Show Review: The Revelation Tour ft. Oceano, Slaughter To Prevail & More!

May 12, 2017 - The Revelation Tour finally hit Long Island, New York in its final stretch of the tour. The lineup for this event was one that I've been hyped for since the moment the flyer dropped, and its been a long wait until the tour finally arrived in the Soulless Crypt's backyard. The tour's main attraction is, of course, Oceano, who are out promoting their album that drops in less than a week - May 19th - an album of the same name: Revelation. Oceano pulled all the stops this time around and made sure they brought a package with them that was diverse enough to bring fans of all types of sounds. Yet the bands all had one common factor: Oceano brought out the heavy hitters making a ripple in the scene these days.


Both of our local acts kicked off the show bringing the heavy with 'em. The Machinist I've had the absolute pleasure of seeing a few times already, but it was my first time seeing Iscariot open up the show and they totally destroyed it. The Machinist have to be one of our local scene's top bands, and they just absolutely crush it with every time: they are the perfect way to hype up the crowd as people are still coming in. Iscariot definitely caught my attention with parts of their songs that had a slam vibes to it, and I can't get enough slam in my life. Two great bands to kick off this beast of a tour!


If you caught our review of No Zodiac's new album "Altars of Impurity" when that went live, you'll know this album got my instant approval for its metal madness it brings. It was fucking sick to finally get to experience their violence-inducing brutality live, and damn did it go off. The band played some of their sick new material off the new album and their sound rattled the audience to the bone. They were a perfect example of what I would want an opener for a band like Oceano to sound like, and the band definitely took advantage of their opportunity to prove their worth by setting the bar high for the bands to follow. Incredible set by these dudes.


Spite are one of my personal favorites - they're a band I always find myself listening to when driving especially and just losing my mind to, so I was super pumped to finally see them do their thing live. They have quite a reputation for going hard during their live performances, and after finally experiencing this I understand the hype around their live show. Spite sound just as angry and pissed off as they sound on their latest album. Their vocalist Darius Tehrani has a vocal style that is unheard of in the metal community - nobody sounds even remotely like this dude in any way, and that is what separates this band from all the others. The band slayed their fucking set, and I'm so glad they threw their new jam "Despise" in there, because god dammit is their new song a banger. Easily one of the best live bands I've seen live - hands down. Nobody can touch that level of craziness.


Another band on this tour who recently dropped a new sick record! We reviewed "Xenocide" back when it dropped, and it was sick to finally hear them play it live. So glad they were able to play a good amount of tracks off it before playing some stuff off "Tyrant." Aversions Crown have such a unique sound to them and like we said in the review, their Australian flavor has just been absolutely killing it lately. The set was dope as fuck, everything sounded pretty spot on and metal as fuck. They were definitely a good fit for this tour and I'll gladly go out and see 'em again if they come through again - they set the deathcore bar high earlier this year with their new album and they got the showmanship to back it the fuck up.


"Misery Sermon" literally just dropped a week before the show, and people can't seem to get enough of the Russian hate dudes. STP definitely fed off the positive vibes they've been getting about the album, and they brought it to the stage for the Revelation tour. I'm a huge fan of Slaughter To Prevail since I found out about them last year at the Summer Slaughter tour, and surely that is reflected in my review of "Misery Sermon" from earlier this week. The only disappointing thing about the set was how short it was - I couldn't get enough of these dudes. They played mostly songs off their "Chapters of Misery" EP, but I fucking love the EP so I don't care obviously. Alex and the guys fucking killed it live, and I am counting down the seconds until STP come back around so we can do it all again. If you haven't heard these guys or their new album yet, you're fucking up.


And finally - the kings of deathcore; the legendary OCEANO took the stage to deliver their meaty breakdown-heavy music to hurt people to. The band took the stage to "The Taken" and instant chaos broke out among the crowd as the followed up with "Dead Planet" - two of my personal favorite tracks from the band. The band crushed it and everybody around them as they continued on, throwing it back to classic Oceano tracks like "Weaponized" and even throwing "District of Misery" right in the center of the setlist, before bringing the show back to some Ascendants era songs. The band even played "Nephilim," which I never thought I would see them do (but am so happy they did, it's my absolute favorite intro to any album ever), but they used it as a lead in to "The World Engine" so it was perfect. And then... we finally got two new jams from the long-awaited "Revelation" album that drops in just a few short days. Oceano tore it up as they played through "The Great Tribulation" and "Lucid Reality" (a song that just debuted online hours before from "Revelation," and it was as if the gods themselves came and gave us a glimpse into our future. The songs are heavy, intense, and metal as fuck. If they don't hype you up for what's to come from the new album, it's a damn shame. The crowd went nuts over Oceano, as they always do whenever they come through to New York. Oceano have never failed to deliver, and the Revelation tour was one of their best performances (and setlists) I've ever seen them do. All in all, a crazy sick fucking night of metal.

Be sure to stay tuned to next week for our full review of Oceano's new album, "Revelation" when it drops on May 19th!


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