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Weekly Wretched: Revenant - Osculum Est Mortis

Osculum Est Mortis has been unleashed upon the Earth, and with it comes some of the finest deathcore to drop this year. The band behind this five-track monster is REVENANT, a band whose members are not strangers to this genre of music: the band is made up of former members of Fit For An Autopsy, A Night At The Chalet and I Killed Everyone! These dudes all got a history in heavy music, and this group of dudes put their talents together to create a pretty insane package known as Osculum Est Mortis, or "Kiss Of Death." Revenant has to be one of my favorite underground/under-appreciated bands in deathcore and death metal right now, so their spot in this weeks Weekly Wretched is not only well deserved, but an absolute honor on my part to include them as part of it; that being said, let's jump into what makes Osculum Est Mortis so great...

The album kicks off with their appropriately titled intro track, "Et Sic Incipit," which translates to "And so it begins," which opens up with demonic-sounding growls that were seemingly spit from the bowels of Hell its self. It makes for a great lead in into the first track, "The Devil & I" which automatically blasts you into a death metal frenzy with blaring guitars, pounding drums and vocals that may sound standard for the first few seconds, until vocalist Cody Harmon shows you just how down and dirty he likes to get with it, with fast, slow, high and low growls to satisfy every deathcore fan's desires. He has lows that are on the brink of slam's style and higher-pitched screams that are those sweet shrieks we all love. The guitar-work is well above your every day metal band, and it definitely shows how mature and defined these guys are.

Don't worry - as someone who is still super-obsessed with breakdowns, Osculum Est Mortis more than delivers. Check out the next track, "Sermon of Misery" if you need proof - this jam will leave your head bouncing and those growls at the end are exactly what I was hoping to hear from Revenant. They got it. "The Blackened Genesis" slows things up for a moment before plummeting death fucking metal and a nasty breakdown right down your throat. It's yet another perfect example of how you can take a seemingly over-saturated genre, make things just a little more technical than the rest, and automatically you've got a sound that stands out so much more than everyone else. But in the case of Revenant, there's no mediocrity in any portion of this band: these dudes all brought it and stepped it up, and its part of what makes Osculum Est Mortis so great. "Culling The Herd" is how the band chose to end off their EP, and it doesn't let up in the slightest; it keeps up with the brutality, technicality, and straight up heavy as fuck death metal that the whole EP delivers.

At risk of sounding redundant and fan-boyish, I don't know how else to describe how talented these dudes are and how much I'd love to encourage you to check out this new album by Revenant. It's one hell of a ride from beginning to end, and I can honestly say I think they more than have the potential to be the next big band to be tearing up our scene on a national level. Osculum Est Mortis isn't your typical overdone, over-produced and underwhelming death metal album - it's got a distinct sound that definitely deserves to be heard and hopefully by the right people to give these guys the chance they deserve to get out a full length, especially after seeing what they could do with just four songs. Osculum Est Mortis is one you don't want to miss, and Revenant is one you don't want to look past.

Check out the video below for "The Devil & I" off of Osculum Est Mortis and if you like what you hear, check out the band on Facebook, grab a physical copy of the album here (its also available digitally on iTunes/Spotify/Google Play), and check out the bands webstore here!


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