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Weekly Wretched: Oceano - Revelation

It is finally here, it has finally arrived. Revelation, the brand new full length album by the Windy City's finest of deathcore legends OCEANO has finally been unleashed upon the masses. It has been two years since the release of the highly successful Ascendants album, and Oceano are back with their unique, brutally raw sound of out of this world death fucking metal. The band has spent the past month and a half on the road with a tremendous touring package and on the tour, the band gave a slight teaser of what was to come with the release of Revelation... but nothing they teased could have prepared us for the bomb that was dropped on the heavy music scene on May 19th. One question remains... are you ready to endure The Event?

Revelation begins with the mind-numbing "Dark Prophecy" which almost immediately throws you into a whirlwind of crushing tones and booms as Adam Warren, one of the faces of deathcore, joins in with his one of a kind hellish growls and groans. It is not before long that the band drops the first of many sick breakdowns that occur throughout Revelation, and they are simply pure perfection. The following song, "Lucid Reality," is one of the songs that the band released just prior to release day, and the beginning of it has one of my favorite breakdowns of the entire record. Loud, heavy, and out of control, Oceano didn't hold back when it comes to their brand of metal that will leave you head banging and tapping your feet regardless of where you are. Everybody in the band stepped it up on this record - as a tremendous fan of Ascendants, Revelation feels like the crazy heavy older brother of what came before it, but one playthrough and you will be able to tell it's in the same bloodline as Ascendants, and it works in a way few bands could even dream of pulling off. For a perfect example of this, check out "The Great Tribulation," "Revelation," and "Majestic 12" - they all manage to capture what we loved about Ascendants (and Oceano in general) and take it to a new level of crushing doom with Oceano's signature brand of deathcore. Hell, as "The Great Tribulation" begins it's slow descent in tone and Adam's purely evil death growls emerge, it's almost mesmerizing how insanely heavy they can get... before getting even more thunderous with their sound as the final breakdown hits.

My personal favorite song off this bad boy is no doubt "The Event" and the instrumental track that comes before it, "Final Form." The latter begins with an eerie guitar before the chugging kicks in and leads your mind on a nicely paced melodic journey that is one of my favorite lead-ins on a death metal record in years. The chugging leads right into another eerie guitar and outer-spacey sounding background noise before the "The Event" finally hits. It's one of the slower songs on the record which, honestly, just adds to the dramatic sound it has. It has its moments where it picks up in tempo before my favorite breakdown of Revelation hits you towards the end of the track. The title track "Revelation" finishes off this grizzly beast and there's no question as to why it was chosen as the title track for the follow up to Ascendants: it stands out on its own from the rest of the album, with an almost djent-sound to it and what can only be described as Marilyn Manson sounding spoken word in it, and it totally works. "Revelation" slows down to a chug again towards the middle and ending to the album with a sick as hell ambient background track to it (keyboards I believe?) as the djent-style guitar work continues to groove on.

Oceano maintained their alien/government conspiracy/apocalypse themes that they introduced in Ascendants with this new banger. Just by reading the tracklist of Revelation, you'll quickly pick up on the themes that comprise this masterpiece. It's a theme that many bands are introducing into their own brands of metal in recent years, but I think Oceano are the ones that are doing it so differently. Many bands are writing from the perspective of the aliens who are descending upon the Earth but Oceano's lyrical content seems to be from the more terrifying point of view: that of humanity's. A quick skim over Oceano's lyrics for Revelation and the horrifying reality of the demise of humanity and the ugliness of our race becomes very apparent. Oceano are crushing it with their dark take on these from topics and they are doing it in a way that is equally unique and terrifying to think about.

Overall, Revelation lives up to the hype that surrounds it and the seemingly long wait we had to endure between this and Ascendants. Like I said earlier, this album without a doubt has the Ascendants vibe to it, but it is a much more refined, intense, and dare I say heavier version of it. It is an album that will grab you, reel you in and engulf you from the first boom of "Dark Prophecy" til the final note of "Revelation." As a long-time Oceano fan, the release of Revelation brought with it a new era for the band and for us, the fans. These songs will satisfy Oceano fans both old and new, and I can only hope on future tours, Oceano busts out more songs from this album, because songs like "Path to Extinction," "The Event" and "Human Harvest" will all translate so incredibly well live. If you haven't yet heard this devastating new release, you better get on board now: Oceano are preparing humanity for its demise, and I think you'll want these guys on your side. Pick up Revelation in stores and online today!

Check out the music video for "Human Harvest" below, and if you like what you hear, pick up a copy here and check out Oceano on Facebook!


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