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The Majestic 12

If you've been binge-listening to Oceano's new album Revelation just as much as I have, you've no doubt heard (and hopefully love) one of the new tracks entitled "Majestic 12." When I first saw the tracklist for Revelation, I got disgustingly excited about there being a track called "Majestic 12" since it is a name I am very familiar with. Outside of my obsession with death, my next biggest obsession is aliens, and to fellow alien conspiracy theorists, the Majestic 12 is a group that needs to introduction. But in case you don't know the name, allow me to introduce you to... the Majestic 12.

The Majestic 12, also commonly referred to as MJ-12, is the code name given to an elite group of people from various backgrounds. The secret committee consists of government officials, military leaders, and scientists and was formed by President Harry Truman in 1947 to investigate alien life and recover alien spacecraft. The concept of the group of top officials were supposedly leaked in secret government documents in 1984, but both FBI officials and many ufologists consider the the documents to be a hoax, however the name and concept of the Majestic 12 continues to be brought up and considered a true part of America's secret society.

When the Roswell UFO incident occured in 1947, ufologists believed that there was some sort of secret upper tier of the US government who was responsible for the incident and its cover up. When a ufologist recieved briefing papers describing "Operation Majestic Twelve," the documents seemed to reveal a secret committee of twelve people chosen and authorized by Harry Truman and how they were responsible for the coverup of the alien spacecraft at Roswell, as well as how alien technology could be exploited. The group would also be responsible for determining how the US should further engage with aliens in the future.

The concept of the Majestic 12 is so fascinating because these twelve people would essentially be the people who would determine if, and when, the American people would find out alien life exists and their role in our society. It is widely believed that this mysterious dozen know secrets about extraterrestial life that even some of the top government officials, including the President, do not know about. It is this committee who would determine that the American people need to know that alien life exists, how much we know about them, and if they have meddled in our society at all - because as you could imagine, that would be huge.

Most of the UFO community believe that the Majestic 12 papers that were leaked were forged, but there are definitely some who stick by their belief that the papers are legitimate and are proof of an existing MJ-12 committee. But one thing is for sure, if MJ-12 does exist, their existance is a crazy one, and it makes for a fascinating topic to write about as Oceano has proved with their new song.

The lyrics to Oceano's "Majestic 12" are great because they point to an existing MJ-12 and just how dirty their secrets are and how they have such power over the American people: "They hold the truth / And hide it right in front of you / False documents and hoaxes continue / Misguided the masses remain / Their esoteric agenda goes unnoticed / The black curtain must be lifted."

If you're still curious about the Majestic 12, continue searching around for content relating to one of our society's greatest hidden secrets. Research, learn, and make your own conclusion about the existance of this secret government conspiracy. And if you haven't yet checked out the song off Oceano's new album, check out the track below!


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