Mental Cruelty - Pereat Mundus

If you're a fan of disgustingly heavy music and have not heard the name Mental Cruelty before, man... am I about to fuck your world up. Mental Cruelty are a four-piece deathcore/brutal death metal band from Germany who have been making waves in the metal scene since the release of their debut EP, Pereat Mundus late last year. It's a savage five track album that only runs about twenty minutes, but in those twenty minutes, these four Germans have managed to create a twisted blend of deathcore that many attempt yet few have accomplished. Mental Cruelty are the next big name in deathcore, there's no doubt about that, so if you haven't yet heard Pereat Mundus, consider this your warning: Mental Cruelty are coming after your scene.


  1. Oppressionis Potentia

  2. Master of the Void

  3. Human Evisceration

  4. Excruciation

  5. Seed of Evil

To keep it short and to the point, Pereat Mundus is filled with a pretty crazy array of songs that seem to just get progressively heavier, angrier, and more filthy as the album goes on. "Oppressionis Potentia" has breakdowns so slow that every time you think the song is finally over, the breakdown just keeps going - it's insanity. "Excruciation," which features Dennis of Gutrectomy, is a perfect example of Mental Cruelty's slam-sound, and best believe these slams are sick as hell. It's hard to even pinpoint a favorite track off this colossal record, but if I had to choose one it would probably have to be "Master of the Void," with its breakdowns that will make you want to just punch the living shit out of anyone and anything in your way. These are four very talented young dudes, and this album is constantly on my rotation because of their sheer level of heaviness and just overall brutality (see "Human Evisceration" for a sick demonstration for their just how dirty they get - the breakdown in it is one of the best to come out last year).

Thanks to the always amazing SLAM WORLDWIDE, you can stream the entire album below! If you like what you hear, check out the band on Facebook and grab a copy of "Pereat Mundus!"