Wednesday 13 - Condolences

What do you get when you mix a kick-ass hard rock band with horror movies and death? You get the legendary Wednesday 13, along with his truly unique voice, his standout guitar riffs, and everything horror horror horror! If you're unfamiliar with Wednesday 13, you might know him better for his other work in the Murderdolls or even the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13! His new album, "Condolences," just hit streets the other day, and it's his seventh full length album under the Wednesday 13 name, and honestly, this might be his best record yet!

I've been a fan of W13 for a full fifteen years now; my first time hearing his voice was the release of the Murderdolls debut album, "Beyond The Valley of the Murderdolls." I instantly fell in love with his sound, the topics he chose to write about, and everything about his life show; it just all appealed to me. I've since followed Wednesday 13 through all of his albums leading up to "Condolences," and was even lucky enough to see the horror maniac live shortly after "Transylvania 90210" dropped (and even caught his guitar pick!). Every album has been an incredible ride through death, monsters, scary love songs, and all things grave. "Condolences" doesn't stray far from that path, and it's yet another kick-ass treat from Wednesday 13 and his band of ghouls. The album has so many good tracks to it, it's hard to pick just one or two that stand out above the rest! "Blood Sick" was one of the songs Wednesday chose to make a video to, and it's got this really sick backing guitar tone that, as cheesy as it sounds, kinda actually adds a creep factor to the song - and it appears a few times over the course of the song as lyrics like "There's no way you're getting out alive" boost over it. "Cruel To You" has probably my absolute favorite guitar riff to it, and it kicks off the song prior to blaring throughout the rest of the song. It's amazing how W13 manages to take dark, twisted, and downright evil lyrics, put it to such a fun and catchy sound, and you'd have no idea he was talking about being the boogey man and hurting people unless you heard the lyrics! "Cadaverous" is one of the harder-hitting, in your face songs off "Condolences" that will leave you headbanging / head-bobbing / tapping your foot / however it is you enjoy your metal.

Wednesday 13's music is no doubt not for everyone, but for the people who can appreciate some excellent song writing infused with pounding guitars and beautifully prepared riffs and solos, mixed with Wednesday's iconic voice and of course, the horror and death topics - you'd be a fucking fool to skip giving "Condolences" a listen to! W13's records are always unlike any others that ever come out, and this one lives up to that - "Condolences" arguably has some of the bands darkest songs on it, yet the most catchy and addicting songs to come from the horror rock bands camp. I'm gladly adding "Condolences" to my rotation of good ol' metal and rock - Wednesday has outdone himself yet again. This time, he's inviting you to his own funeral... I must insist you join him! If you're a fan of bands like Rob Zombie or Alice Cooper - this album, along with the bands past work, is for you!!