Saturday Morning Sickness: Suffokate

Welcome to another Saturday Morning Sickness at Soulless, where we take a journey down heavy music's past and revisit some of the good ol' Myspace-era metal bands. We'll take a look at some of the sick releases the band put out, a little bit of their history, and we'll find out if the band still exists today! On the last edition of SMS, we took a look at As Blood Runs Black and their history; the band we're talking about today, however, arguably can be considered the grandfathers of deathcore. They've been around for a long, long time and their previous records still remain fan favorites all these years later. The band we're talking about today is none other than SUFFOKATE!

Suffokate started tearing up the deathcore scene way back in 2003, out of Oakland, California. They released a five track demo that same year entitled "Destined to Fail." It wasn't long until the band independtly released their debut full length "Oakland" - obviously paying homage to the bands hometown. Almost instantly, "The Skies Were Filled with Fire" hit the internet like a wild storm and the deathcore fans went nuts. The track is fucking nuts, and it helped boost the name "Suffokate" above all the other bands going on at the time. Other tracks off the album continued to grow the bands fanbase and soon everyone knew who Suffokate were. They ended up catching the attention of Mediaskare Records, who helped the band release the follow-up to Oakland, entitled "No Mercy, No Forgiveness," which dropped in 2010. The album is super heavy, full of breakdowns and a full on metal assault. "Not the Fallen" caught the attention of the metal community, and the band continued to soar into popularity. The following year, the bands final (as of now, at least) full length "Return To Despair" was released, still on Mediaskare. It was the final release with now former vocalist Ricky Hoover. Since the release of "Return to Despair," the band has released one final song entitled "The Imposter." The music video dropped in July of 2014, and its unfortunately been radio silence since then. However, the band made mention last year on their Facebook of possible upcoming new material and maybe even a new record... but we haven't gotten any other word about it since then. But here's to being hopeful that maybe one day (and hopefully soon) we'll be hearing something new from the Suffokate camp!

Check out "Not The Fallen," taken from "No Mercy, No Forgiveness."