Defleshed And Gutted - The Prophecy in the Entrails

If you like you're metal heavy, loud, brutal and fucking gory and you haven't heard of Defleshed and Gutted, you're missing out. The El Paso, Texas-based five piece brutal death metal band released their debut full length, The Prophecy in the Entrails, back in April, but the band are definitely not new-comers to the scene - Defleshed and Gutted released a self-titled EP back in 2014, as well as various singles over the years, but their time to shine has finally arrived - and with it, they brought along with them one of the most insane, in-your-face shows of pure death metal brutality you could find.

The Prophecy in the Entrails has nine straight up violent and sick songs on it - and all the effort these guys threw at this record definitely show. From the slamming guitars and the filth these guys call vocals to the sickening bass and pounding drums - these guys got it right. This album plays amazingly while played from beginning to end, but if I had to recommend one track off this album to start with, I'd tell ya to load up "Icon of Putridity" first. This track is a prime example of what you're going to get from the rest of this sickness, and if you're not feeling this song, you probably won't be feeling the rest of it. It's slamming, it's brutal, and it's straight up intensity from the moment it kicks off until it ends. Other tracks you definitely don't want to miss of this would be "Prophetic Entrails," "Cannibals Will Feast," and "they even threw an older single onto The Prophecy in the Entrails - "Baptized in Bile," which you do not want to miss out on. While you may not be getting anything that's super revolutionary or technical, you're getting something that sounds fucking incredibly well done - all the parts just fit so well together. And after all, isn't the final sound what really matters anyway? Not how crazy technical or trying to outdo the next guy - I just wanna hear something that sounds brutal, sounds sick, and sounds fucking dirty, and Defleshed and Gutted have accomplished that with every track off this album. If you like your death metal with straight gutturals and non-stop brain-bashing slam behind it, The Prophecy in the Entrails is no doubt for you.

Check out the full stream of below, thanks to Slam Worldwide, and if you like what you hear, check them out on Facebook as well as their merch store!