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Saturday Morning Sickness: Thrash And Burn Tour (RIP)

Every other Saturday morning at Soulless, we take a look at some of the band's from metal's past, and we usually try to bring up the bands from the Myspace era of deathcore when the scene was just beginning to kick off. We've covered such gnarly bands such as Dr. Acula, We Are The End, Annotations of an Autopsy, and our latest one: Suffokate. But since summer officially started just days ago, and summer is the festival season, I figured it'd be fun to take a look back on some of the amazing tours and festivals of the genres past, see if we could pull together a list of who played, and reminisce about some crazy shows we've been to! To kick off our tour feature this Saturday morning, we're starting with one of the best: The Thrash And Burn Tour!

Thrash And Burn ran from 2008 to 2011, and each year their tours just got beefier and beefier. To kick off the very first tour, Thrash And Burn brought together amazing acts such as After The Burial, Winds of Plague, Parkway Drive, and to close off the show, Darkest Hour brought the heat. And on select dates of the tour, heavy hitters Suicide Silence, As Blood Runs Black, Emmure, and Veil of Maya made appearances just to spice things up a little bit.

The following year - 2009 - Thrash And Burn turned it up a notch and threw together one of the heaviest tours of the year, this time with Oceano, For The Fallen Dreams, Mychildren Mybride, Despised Icon, Emmure, and Devildriver closing out the night. Definitely a little weird having Devildriver close off a show that was filled with so many heavier bands, but of course I get why they headlined. In addition to the US-based metal tour, Thrash And Burn expanded over to Europe, with a decent stint of shows with a pretty great lineup as well: Beneath The Massacre, Origin, and Dying Fetus headlining. By the time 2010 rolled around, Thrash And Burn had become one of the, if not the most, well known metal tour of the scene. They really stacked the show for their 2010 tour, with Chelsea Grin, Motionless in White, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Impending Doom, Born of Osiris and Asking Alexandria, among many others. Even Kittie made an appearance on the tour that year, which is pretty sweet!

Up until this point, the Thrash And Burn tour was absolutely killing it each year, delivering more and more metal to the fans than ever before. But unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and 2011 was the final year that this crazy festival would make its way across the country. But for their final set of shows, the tour did not let up; they brought out one of the heaviest tours they possible could: Volumes, In The Midst of Lions, Upon a Burning Body, For The Fallen Dreams, As Blood Runs Black, Chelsea Grin, and as if that wasn't enough, Winds of Plague finished the night off with a bang!

May the Thrash And Burn Tour rest in peace, and know that your legacy and history in the heavy music scene has not, and will not, be forgotten by the fans who were there, and those who wish they were! RIP.


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