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Dying Fetus - Wrong One To Fuck With

One of death metal's most prominent faces - the legendary DYING FETUS - dropped their eighth studio album on June 23rd, and the overall opinion of this record is finally in: even after 26 years, Dying Fetus are the wrong ones to fuck with.

The Maryland-based trio that make up Dying Fetus are back after five years with what could possibly be the most brutal assault the band has brought with them yet. It doesn't take long into the first song - "Fixated on Devastation" - that the blast beats and chaotic guitar-work leads into a headbangers dream. This album is fast, it's brutal, and its relentless. Vocalist and guitarist John Gallagher is joined by bassist/vocalist Sean Beasley and drummer Trey Williams to bring you a full on beating inside your headphones with some sick new DF songs, like "Weaken The Structure" that has some a wild solo before the brutality is stepped up and "Die With Integrity," which has a slower start before picking up the pace to match the rest of the record. Wrong One To Fuck With is filled with tracks that, from beginning to end, are expertly put together and placed riffage, blast beats, and growls summoned from the very depths of hell. "Reveling in the Abyss" has become one of my favorite songs off the album, with its sick relevance to slam guitar-work that leads into just a chaos compilation of brutality. It's six and a half minutes of unforgiving death metal at its finest - and some of the best Dying Fetus to come out in years. The title track, "Wrong One To Fuck With" was such a good choice, and its a perfect example of the modern talent of the guys who make up Dying Fetus, as it contains some lightening fast metal and some downright filthy parts. This is one record that really is hard to put into words because it just needs to be heard - the level of professionalism by these guys is clearly shown throughout the record, and its something that is much better heard than read. Dying Fetus' unique vocals and elements are thrown all over Wrong One To Fuck With, and this is one record that is sure to both please the older DF fans, as well as draw the attention of listeners to the Dying Fetus sound. The bonus track - "Induce Terror" - has very clear different mixing from the rest of the album, but it has quickly become one of my favorite songs from the band overall - it's straight fucking filth. The rawness in the vocals, the booming from the bass and of course, the beating Williams' delivers to his drums are formulated into a sick track that will leave any headbangers' noggin pounding for days to come.

Wrong One To Fuck With is an absolutely mental addition to the death metal catalog, and is an excellent follow-up to the bands last record. These dudes have taken the time to clearly work on perfecting their sound, planning each and every second of this record, and focusing on causing as much devastation as they possibly could. The effort shows, and Wrong One To Fuck With turned out sick as fuck.

Catch Dying Fetus on the Summer Slaughter Tour throughout July and August, and check out the video below for "Fixated on Devastation" below!


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