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Widowmaker - Self Titled

WIDOWMAKER have been creating quite a name for themselves in the past few months since they changed their name from Gatekeeper, and the earnings have been well deserved as these guys have clearly been putting their work in. This year alone, they did a stint of live shows with Slaughter To Prevail, they're about to finish up a tour with Born of Osiris and Volumes, they signed a deal with SharpTone Records, dropped two sick music videos, were nominated to open up the Summer Slaughter tour, and to top it off, their new album "Widowmaker" was released July 7th. It's no doubt been a busy year for the five dudes from Huntsville, Alabama - their new record is the latest addition to what has been a phenomenal year for deathcore, and their entry puts them on a level equal to that of the genres greats.

In what some may call an over-saturated genre, Widowmaker should be making waves with this release because it feels like a refreshing take on something that has been done so many times before. Its hard to pin-point, but all it takes is one play-through of the bands debut album and you'll surely hear something that makes them stand out from a lot of the others. "Dissonance" has quickly become my favorite track off this record, with its slick riffs, sheer brutality, and the head-banging that this one makes you wanna do. These guys aren't your typical deathcore band - they don't rely on dirty breakdown after dirty breakdown to entice you; they've managed to strike a sweet balance of brutality vs straight up fucking metal. They know when to be heavy, and when to be heavy heavy. "The Illusionist" feels like one of the faster songs off the record, and the vocals even pick it up into an almost-rap before one of the albums finest breakdown crushes you and brings you to your knees. This whole dual-vocal thing they got going on is fucking devastating - both vocal tones go so well together, it's almost cheating. Check out songs like "The Nihilist" and "Spineless" for perfect examples of this tag-team of brutality. The instrumental portions of this record are flawless - it's fast, it's heavy, it's crushing. "Quarantine" is a sick performance that would be a great track to show off some of the skills of these dudes - its no joke, and it doesn't let up throughout all seven tracks of the album (that solo is nasty).

If you're into good ol' deathcore, if you love breakdowns, if you love your metal to be catchy yet dirty - don't pass this record by. It's a shame this thing is only seven tracks because if this is what they pumped out with seven, I can only imagine what more freedom to do more songs would have been. But these guys are kicking it off on a sweet fucking note, and things can only get better from here on out for these dudes. I was lucky enough to catch them on their Born of Osiris tour in NYC last month where they kicked off the show, and people went nuts for them. The songs are absolutely mental live, and it won't be long until these guys are headlining their own tours - mark my words! But like I said: you'll regret skipping this record.

Check out the video for "Dissonance" below, and if you dig what you hear, check out the band on Facebook and grab yourself something from their merch store!


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