Celebrating 11 Years of Summer Slaughter Tour

If you're a metalhead living in the United States and you haven't heard of Summer Slaughter, you're doing something wrong. Summer Slaughter is THE metal tour of the year for me - every year that I've gone, the bands get heavier, the fans get rowdier, and I fall more in love with our scene. Summer Slaughter has always seemed to have a focus on death metal and deathcore, but progressive metal bands definitely made appearances over the years. But in 2017, the Summer Slaughter Tour returns for its eleventh year, and the tour brings with it one of the craziest line-ups in their history! This years tour kicks off this Thursday, so I figured what's a better way to spend a hot summer Saturday than to take a look at the tours sick history, and some of the great bands they've provided some summer fun to.

"The Most Extreme Tour of the Year" started way back in 2007, by a man whose name you should know by now: Ash Avildsen. If you don't recognize the name, Avildsen is the man responsible for a lot of today's metal releases: he is the founder and CEO of Sumerian Records, a label many great modern metal bands call home, including Slaughter To Prevail, Veil of Maya, and After The Burial. Some members of their former roster include ABACABB, Sea of Treachery, and Conducting From The Grave. So Avildsen puts together this brand new tour back in 2007 and calls it the Summer Slaughter Tour, and he gets some great acts like Ion Dissonance, As Blood Runs Black, and Cattle Decapitation to open the show up, and to headline the show each night, Necrophagist joined the tour. A pretty solid, stacked lineup for a first run of a tour! The tour ran for a month and a half and covered many major cities across both the USA and even some Canada dates!

The tour returned the following year, and this time, the tour was much beefier and dare I say heavier than the prior year. Whitechapel opened up the the show each day, joined by bands like Born of Osiris, Aborted, and Despised Icon, before the headliner took the stage: The (almighty) Black Dahlia Murder. This year, this lineup of the tour stayed in the borders of the US, but continued to cover many major cities across the country. But just a few weeks after the US tour ended, the Canada leg of the tour kicked off, with Veil of Maya, Whitechapel, Dying Fetus and headlining again was Necrophagist. But it doesn't end there - the tour made its way over to Europe, with a crazy line-up: Annotations of an Autopsy, Born of Osiris, Abigail Williams, As Blood Runs Black, and the headliner Suicide Silence trekked across England, Scotland, Wales, Germany and Austria.

In the years that followed, the tour seemed to just stack more and more extreme, loud, and heavy bands on top of each other. The tour brought on bands like Decrepit Birth, Origin, Winds of Plague, and Darkest Hour in 2009, and Carnifex, The Red Chord, and All Shall Perish in 2010 - all just as openers. Legendary bands like Suffocation, Behemoth, Decapitated, and Job For A Cowboy went on to headline the tour - yeah, pretty insane, I know. In 2012, the tour continued their crazy lineup with Cerebral Bore as an opener alongside Goatwhore, Periphery, and The Faceless as co-headliners Between The Buried And Me and Cannibal Corpse closed out each show; an odd pair, admittedly, but one hell of a duo.

Thy Art Is Murder joined the tour in 2013 with Rings of Saturn, Cattle Decapitation, Norma Jean, Animals As Leaders, and The Dillinger Escape Plan - another well put together summer run. But death metal prevailed the following year as the tour went much heavier, with Within The Ruins, Dying Fetus, Fallujah, and Decrepit Birth kicking off each night as Morbid Angel headlined the show!

Last year's iteration of the tour was one of the best in the tours history, in my opinion: kicking off the show was the intense performances from Enterprise Earth, Ingested, Slaughter To Prevail, Carnifex, Revocation, Nile, and the gods of death Cannibal Corpse. If you missed out on last years line-up, you fucked up. But this year, somehow a lineup was put together with the craziest and most extreme bands I honestly think this tour has ever seen. It is a devastating mixture of deathcore and death metal - one that is sure to leave some with broken bones, and many with a bang-over. To kick off the show each day, Angelmaker will be taking the stage alongside Lorna Shore, Betraying The Martyrs, Rings of Saturn, Origin, Slaughter To Prevail, Oceano, and The Faceless. And to top it all off, Dying Fetus as well as The Black Dahlia Murder will be headlining each show, and TBDM will be playing "Nocturnal" in its entirety at each date. 2017 is THE year for Summer Slaughter.

If you haven't yet gotten tickets to this years SUMMER SLAUGHTER TOUR, don't hesitate - these shows are going to be one of the most memorable of your life, no joke. If you've never been to one of these shows before, prepare for your ears to be taken to a new level of extreme - each band packs a mean punch, and they only get wilder as the night goes on. You can grab a ticket to the show at their website here, or you can check out the tour dates below!