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Clown (Film Review/Spoilers)

If you're reading this and you hate clowns... best you turn back now, because CLOWN - the supernatural horror flick directed by Jon Watts (now known for his Spider-Man: Homecoming work) - takes one hell of a twisted turn for everybody's favorite funny guy. The film was originally released back in 2014 in Italy, but it wasn't until last summer that the movie made its way to the United States for viewing. It was released by Dimension Films - one of my personal favorite production companies - so you know this thing was destined for greatness right out the bat. The movie stars Andy Powers as Kent McCoy, a loving father who planned a really nice birthday party for his son. The plan was for a clown to come to the party and entertain the children - only problem was that the clown he hires could no longer make it, so Kent had to improvise! Kent (somehow randomly) finds a clown suit in the basement of one of the houses he is selling, and decides to throw the bad boy on and go have some fun with the kids.

The following morning, as Kent gets ready to head out to work, the fucking suit won't come off. The whole get-up: the funky hair, the weird body suit, and of course, the red nose... none of it will come off! No matter how hard he tries, none of the props will come off of his body, as it seems they are all beginning to adhere to his actual skin. He enlists the help of his wife, Meg, to try and help at least get the obnoxious red nose off. But in doing so, it only ended up ripping the flesh. That red nose IS his nose now! Long story short, Kent tracks down the brother of the man who owned the suit previously - and it is then that Kent learns the foul truth about his comedic fate: the entire clown costume is actually comprised of the hair and skin of a demon, who would attract five children to eat for dinner before releasing the person! The man tells Kent the only way to kill the demon is to behead the wearer - something Kent is obviously not going to let happen.

After eating some kids and quickly having his body and mind overtaken by the demon, the now possessed Kent is hunting for one final feast: his own son. But Meg obviously won't let that happen, and after a chase throughout the house, Meg manages to behead her husband/the demon and finally ending the torment the clown brought to their neck of the woods. To finish off the story, the police come and pack up the suit, and hopefully lock it away for good...

So this movie is awesome for a few reasons. On the smaller end of the scale, the fine details they wrote into this film are so good: the fact that the nose sticks to his nose, his hair turns rainbow, oh and get this: the clown bleeds rainbow. It's pure genius. The appearance of the clown as he slowly takes over Kent (and Kent becomes less-Kent, more-demon) is so sick - he looks absolutely haunting. The movie is definitely very aesthetically pleasing. But what really got me about Clown is the background story to the demon. The backstory of the demon reminds me a lot of the story of Krampus, who would punish bad children instead of rewarding them. The clown in this movie didn't seem to care if his children victims were good or bad - he was just looking to feast upon the young. But for whatever reason, Krampus popped into my head when I saw the part about the backstory of the clown suit, and I quickly realized how bad ass of a back story it was. Is this one of the best horror flicks I've seen? No, definitely not... but it's certainly a good watch if you're looking for something a little different and a little twisted. I wouldn't say the movie is super gory, so don't watch it hoping for that. It's a fun take on an old childhood character that definitely takes a turn for the dark side. It's pretty creative and is worth streaming if its on a service you're subscribed to, totally.


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