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Spite - Nothing Is Beautiful

There's a lot of people and bands in the metal community today that write about everything from religion and love to aliens and the end of the world. But there seems to be a part of the metal scene in recent years that has lost its focus on good old fashioned anger. Gone are the days when the extreme music scene was filled with angry, pissed off bands who just wanted to play some hard rock and roll, not give a fuck, and share some of their anger with the listener. In a sea of bands who write about everything besides anger, SPITE have risen to the top as one of the most pissed off and straight up angry and relentless bands in the scene today. "Nothing Is Beautiful" is the follow up record to the bands first release with Stay Sick Recordings, "Spite." If "Spite" was the band putting their name on the map and finding their sound, then they have absolutely perfected it with this monstrous ten track new album . "Nothing Is Beautiful" is unlike any other album you'll listen to this year, and Spite are unlike any other band you'll come across. This is Spite; this is "Nothing Is Beautiful."

The album kicks off with "IED," one of the tracks the band released prior to the albums release. It slowly builds to a sudden burst of instant metal, a few screams from vocalist Darius Tehrani, and a brutal "Spite Cult, Mother Fucker!" It is then that the song kicks off in full Spite fashion, with Tehrani's incredible vocal style that I can assure you, you're not going to find anywhere else. As he screams his fucking head off, guitarists Alex Tehrani and Lucas Garrigues, bassist Stephen Mallory, and drummer Cody Fuentes are there in the background wailing away and beating the shit out of their instruments. Its clear from the start that the dudes who make up Spite know what they wanted their unique brand of metal to sound like, and its a perfectly crafted arrangement that will keep you banging your head from beginning to end. Songs like "Thy Bidding," "Despise," "Nothing Is Beautiful," and "Drown Me" are perfect examples of the classic Spite sound - chilling metal that leads to breakdowns as Tehrani belts out high-pitched screams, guttural lows, and everything in between. This is no exaggeration - Spite are not your every day, run of the mill band.

"AWOL" is one of my favorite tracks off the record - it's got an awesome back-and-forth part towards the middle that just sounds so sick. It has parts to it that sound straight up haunting, and jams like that always make for a fan favorite. "Kill Or Be Killed" has quickly become my favorite off this record, though - the iconic "barking" intro that leads into a metal assault gets me every single time. The vocals are straight filth, the guitars are spot on. It's going to make for an epic live track if the band decide to play it live - that fast, metal as fuck part will hype you up beyond words. Spite are a super refreshing and definitely welcomed band in the metal scene, and they truly are paving their way with a sound unlike a lot of other bands out there. This album feels dark, it feels angry, and it feels like it definitely lives up to the hype surrounding it. Spite clearly spent some time putting together something to be proud of, and this is one you're not going to want to miss.

Check out the video below for the song "Despise," and if you like what you hear, check out the band on Facebook and visit their merch store here!


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