Saturday Morning Sickness: The Hunt For Ida Wave

For this edition of Saturday Morning Sickness, we're traveling way, way back in 2005 - an EP came out that honestly shook the online heavy metal community and introduced a lot of metal kids to a new level of heavy. From the United Kingdom came THE HUNT FOR IDA WAVE, a deathcore/metalcore hybrid with beautifully crafted melodic breakdowns and straight vile vocals. The vocals were done by Edward Butcher, who you might recognize from bands such as Eternal Lord and I Killed The Prom Queen. Former Eternal Lord members Chris Gregory, Shaun Zerebecki, and Sam Ricketts all joined in on Ida Wave's fun. The EP "To Have And To Hold, To Choke Until Cold" only had four tracks totaling twenty minutes, but it is a wild ride the band takes you through as they create breakdowns to incite riots and bash someones skull in. These guys were quite notorious for their obnoxiously long song names, such as "Jacob Denver Said It's Not Alright, My Friends Can't Breathe Under Water Like I Can. If I Stay on Shore Much Longer I'm Gonna Stitch His Insides to a Tree" and "I Fall in Love Too Easily, This Is Leading to a High Death Toll and Me Walking Lonely Roads with No One to Talk To, Maybe One Day I'll Figure Me Out" which honestly just adds to how much these guys remind me of old school Norma Jean. The song that made these guys popular on good ol' Myspace would definitely have to be "This Is Not My Ideal Way to Spend an Evening, Shacked Up Telling Ghost Stories to the Martyr," an oddly melodic deathcore influenced banger with what is still - to this day - one of the gnarliest breakdowns to date (that feels like it went on forever). The Hunt For Ida Wave ended up releasing another demo with three additional songs, and unfortunately for whatever reason, that was it - nothing else ended up coming out of this band, which was a shame because of how gruesomely brutal they were. Some of the guys went on to play with Eternal Lord, but it was the end of an era when Ida Wave called it quits. Check out the video above for the epic EP that started it all for these guys: To Have And To Hold, To Choke Until Cold.