Pathology - Self Titled

It's been three years since their last release, but PATHOLOGY are finally back with their ninth studio album since 2006 called "Pathology." It's ten tracks of pure, brutal American death metal, and their new self titled release is not only one of the bands strongest releases, but its also one of this years craziest slamming brutal death metal albums. The album kicks in with violent brutality right off the bat with "Lamentation," and you'll quickly get a feel for how the rest of this album is going to sound from the beginning. The vocals are loud and powerful this time around, and while some may find that as a turn off, honestly once you get used to the fact that that is just how this was produced, the quicker you'll get to enjoy this enormous album for what it is.

The instrumentals to this album and strong and definitely heavy. If you are a fan of this bands past work, "Pathology" is going to make you very happy. Songs like "Dissevered" and "Shudder" are prime examples of this genre of music done right - so much brutality, so much head-banging! The album is pretty relentless all the way through - rarely does it let up before throwing you right back into one of Pathology's classic riffs. Matti Way's vocals are disgustingly filthy and so distinct - you'll be able to tell this is good ol' Pathology. Way's vocals don't go through too much of a range throughout the album, but that's honestly fine with me - they are so unforgiving and grimy that I don't necessarily need much of a range for this band - Way fits perfectly with their sound. Guitarist Tim Tiszczenko and drummer Dave Astor do a phenomenal job keeping you head-banging and slamming throughout this record with songs like "Vermilion" and "Litany." The guitar work and drums are damn good, and are a sick compliment to Way's vocals. If you're at all a fan of extreme music, you're going to want to give "Pathology" a solid playthrough before making any judgement - it'd be a damn shame to miss out on one of the years heaviest to date.

Check out the video below to preview the new self titled album by PATHOLOGY, and if you like what you hear, check out the bands website, merch store, and Facebook!