Cursed Earth - Cycles of Grief Volume 1: Growth

Australia's heavy music scene is quickly becoming one of - if not the best - metal scenes in the world. Year after year, our brothers and sisters from down under continue to pump out some of the hardest hitting, in your face hardcore and metal. CURSED EARTH from Perth are no exception to this pattern, and their latest offering - Cycles of Grief Volume 1: Growth - is proof these five are here to fuck shit up, and the EP is one of the most fierce albums to come out in all of 2017. If you sleep on Cursed Earth, you're fucking up.

"War March" kicks off the Cycles of Grief EP, slowly building until it finally unleashes its full force annihilation on your ears, with powerful guitars that ring out just before the full on attack. The guitars, you'll find, are very reminiscent of NAILS at times, and there's not a single complaint about that. The vocals are raw, emotional and honest - they are a perfect compliment to the booming sound that blares behind her. This is 2017 hardcore the way we want it, and Cursed Earth have absolutely killed it on this record. "Discarded" has an incredible second half, and a straight fucking beast of an ending. If it doesn't make you want to break something or someone, you're not listening to it correctly. From beginning to end, this EP is filled with non-stop action, brutality, and energy. "Broken" is another fast, relentless track with an absolutely gnarly breakdown that will keep you banging your head throughout its entire duration. "Sanctioned Violence" and "Violated" close out the EP, and as it ends, it honestly feels like these guys managed to capture the best parts of some of the better bands out there today, throw them all together, and create one epic sound that not only pays homage to the bands who influenced them, but make a sound that separates them from the others.

Cursed Earth have managed to write something angry, something meaningful, and something heavy and combine it into a sound that will blow you away. This is an EP demanding to be heard - I can only fucking imagine what their live shows are like. Cycles of Grief Volume 1: Growth has only been out since August 4th, but its not hard to tell that Cursed Earth gave it their all on this, and I can only hope they get the recognition that they deserve from both their local and global scenes.

Check out the music video below for "War March / Broken" below, and if you like what you hear, check out the band on Facebook, pick up a copy of the album, or check out their merch store here!