Horror Club: Beyond The Darkness

Beyond The Darkness was released way back in 1979, but to this day, it remains one of the strangest yet oddly satisfying films to date. Originally released in its Italian name, Buio Omega/ The Final Darkness, the film follows a taxidermist named Frank who loses the love of his life, Anna, to death. Frank is under the impression she died in the hospital from an illness, but it was really the evil-doing of his jealous housekeeper Iris (who tries to sexually satisfy Frank throughout the film by putting her hand down his pants and even breast feeding him - yeah, weird). Frank goes to the cemetery and digs up his beloved wife Anna and transports her back to his home where he kinda savagely tears into her and disembowels the poor girl. He essentially creates a doll out of Anna's dead body, which he then lays in his bed where he continuously visits her and even tries hooking up with another girl in the bed next to Anna.

Long story short, Frank ends up having to brutally kill two other girls in the film, who just seem to happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some weird English stoner girl hitchhikes with Frank and when she stumbles upon him working on Anna's dead body, she kinda bugs out on Frank and it doesn't end kindly for her: he ends up ripping her nails off of her fingers, one by one, with a pair of pliers before killing her. The other girl - a cute girl going for a run near Frank's house - freaks out when she's having sex with Frank and he pulls back the bed sheet to reveal Anna's cold, pale face in the middle of intercourse. She panics, and Frank being classic Frank takes a gnarly bite out of the girl and kills her before burning her body in a furnace with the help of that creepy breast feeding housekeeper Iris.

Anna's twin sister Elena visits the house one night and the sicko fucko that Iris is, she decides to spook Elena by shutting off the lights on her and leading her to discover her sister's done-up lifeless corpse. Naturally, Elena passes out and as Iris approaches her with a knife in her hand to kill her, Frank manages to catch her in the act and kill Iris before she could kill Elena, but not before Iris savagely stabbing him in his junk and ripping out one of his eyeballs. Frank ends up tossing Anna's body in the furnace and incinerating it, so that he can spend the rest of his days with the her beautiful, living sister Elena. Oh, and this whole time, some creepy funeral home employee has tabs on Frank this entire him, after he saw Frank messing with Anna's dead body at her funeral. So he ends up intervening at some point and he "rescues" what he thinks is Anna's dead body to return her to the grave, but little does he know... the body he just placed in coffin was the very much alive Elena.

This movie is nothing short of an emotional roller coaster, no joke. It's got so much to it: a psychopath, a whore, a cute dead girl, a decent amount of decent gore, that weird breast feeding scene, a fair amount of nudity, some pretty gnarly special effects (especially for its time), and some nifty detective work by a nameless funeral employee. It's all over the place, really. Frank is clearly mentally fucked up, and it is only aided by his weirdo housekeeper Iris, who almost feeds into Frank's delusion at first, by helping him dismember the other girls he kills and telling him he can have whatever he wants. The gore is actually pretty good, especially for its time - they did a pretty great job depicting the "meaty" parts of the human anatomy, as Frank slices up his poor deceased wife and tosses her entrails into a bucket. The storyline about the funeral employee is definitely a little odd and possibly a bit far fetched, but I get it, they needed a way for Frank to get caught for the grimy stuff he was doing. But overall, the movie is pretty wild and not nearly as bad as some of the other films I've seen that has come out around that same time period.The woman who plays Anna (as well as her twin sister Elena) plays an exceptionally well dead body throughout the course of the film and the guy responsible for the part of Frank definitely played up his role as a madman, and the final product turned out pretty awesome overall. It's cheesy, but it's pretty brutal and definitely a fun watch.