END - From The Unforgiving Arms of God

END seemingly came out of nowhere - one day, a track is debuted and it just weeks later, the band's brutal debut EP - From The Unforgiving Arms of God - is live and yearning to be heard. END is a completely insane, in your fucking face, relentless hardcore band made up of some dudes who are definitely not strangers to the scene: Brendan Murphy of Counterparts is on vocals, Will Putney of Fit For An Autopsy on guitar, Gregory Thomas of Misery Signals on guitar, Jay Pepito of Reign Supreme on bass, and Andrew McEnaney of Structures on drums. These five men have made their mark in the underground music scene prior to forming END - however, this is a new era of hardcore for these guys, and having From The Unforgiving Arms of God as an initial offering is the absolute perfect start to what could be one of the genre's hardest hitting records of the year. This is END.

From The Unforgiving Arms of God is a six track goliath-sized EP released on Good Fight Entertainment on September 8th. It's fast, it's heavy, and it's fire. The album kicks off with "Chewing Glass," with nearly instant chaos booming into your ears as vocalist Murphy screams "bastard reflection" almost like a call to an army, as the rest of the bands picks it up and just fucking destroys any sense of calm the album may have had. The instruments pound away as Murphy belts out some sick vocals over them, with damning lyrics such as "Don’t shed another fucking tear for me, I am undeserving." It's a ferocious first track that no doubt sets the tone for the five songs to follow. My personal favorite track off From The Unforgiving Arms of God is "Necessary Death," with its dark tone and theme and of course the powerful "necessary death!" breakdown that just fucking gets me every single time I play it. The band certainly did not hold back with the lyrics - they definitely had some stuff to say, and the words to go along with the doomed instrumentals are sick. "Survived By Nothing" is an intense track (which also closes out the album) that is fucking dark - you can hear it, you cal feel it: "If humanity is my cross to bear I will drive nails through my feet until my halo resembles a crosshair." When you break down the lyrics to this EP, it will shake you to your core; and you'll either get it, or you don't. "Usurper" is the track the band initially debuted with; a usurper being someone who essentially takes a position by force or illegal means. And this track was a great choice to debut to the masses to define END's sound and message; it's fast, brutal, and so goddamn good. And if you needed reassurance that this album has a darker theme to it, just check the lyrics to this track, it's straight doom.

Overall, if you sleep on From The Unforgiving Arms of God by END, you're making a mistake you'll regret, as this is the birth of something powerful, dark, and it is a project not to be passed over. This record stands out above a lot of the other material we've heard over the past few months, and From The Unforgiving Arms of God is definitely one of the better EPs to drop this year, especially considering it was totally unexpected! You're gonna wanna hear this one.

Check out the track "Necessary Death" off of the EP below, and if you like what you hear, check out the band on Facebook and grab a copy of the album at their merch store!