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Purefilth - Unhuman Forms Prevail

In a time when music is getting easier to create and share, there's never been more crazy death metal available at your fingertips than right now. So much so, that sometimes you hear something that sounds so different, so wild, and much more filthy than the rest - and you just gotta say "fuck!" out loud. Such is the case with "Unhuman Forms Prevail" - the brand new, debut album by Ukraine's PUREFILTH. The album is the first album to come from the new Smelly Pieces Records, and it can honestly only be described as filthy sounds - and it is absolute brilliance.

Unhuman Forms Prevail is nine tracks of non-stop brutal deathcore. It's got every single thing we love about deathcore - the breakdowns, the blast beats, the pounding guitars, the filthy fucking growls, the absurd topics. It's all packed perfectly into an insane half hour that will make you realize PUREFILTH is that band you've been looking for! Throughout this record, you'll quickly feel the band paying homage to the bands that clearly inspired them: Annotations of An Autopsy, Despised icon, Ingested, Abominable Putridity. Purefilth somehow captured what we love about all these bands and have mixed it all up into one fucked up mix of pure insane filth.

Songs like "Forced To Rot While Conscious," "Half-Finished Human," and "Parasitic Coitus" will make fans of all death metal, slam, and deathcore genres fall in deep, passionate love with Purefilth, as the gnarly pig squeals, flat out disgusting breakdowns, and inhuman blast beats pound away at your ear drums, hopefully leaving you with some hearing left! There's not a single part of this record where the madness stops or lets up, as the new kings of the scene pack more and more punch into every next song. My personal favorite track - Chaotic Autopsy - is an insane adventure into the depths of hell and chaos as each second of the track continues, until the very last breakdown in the song. The talent of these dudes must certainly be noted - and "Strongly Vaginal Art" is a perfect display of the various talents throughout Purefilth: between the crazy guitar work, crazy drums and vocalist Sergey's absolute insane range of gutturals. I don't even have words for the closing track "Through Digestive Tract to Universe" - it's everything I love about this type of music, neatly packaged into one of my new favorite tracks of this year, and that's saying a lot!

I cannot recommend this record enough to anybody who appreciates the more extreme forms of metal. Purefilth put together one HELL of a beast in the form of "Unhuman Forms Prevail," and this is a record anybody who is down with heavy music needs to hear. It's an ode to Myspace brutality and I can only hope this record brings Purefilth into the ranks of the legends in this music scene. Also, it would be a shame not to mention how beautiful this album artwork, as well as the audio quality of this record, are. The band clearly pure in the necessary work to ensure that this is a full, quality package you are getting - and it definitely shows.

Listen to all of Unhuman Forms Prevail through the album stream below, presented by Slam Worldwide. If you like what you hear, check out the band on Facebook, as well as their merch store! You can purchase the digital version of the album at their bandcamp here. You can also check out their new label at Smelly Pieces Records.


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