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The Double Homicide Tour - Show Review

The Double Homicide Tour has finally come to New York City - the home of Soulless Cult. For the past month, the Double Homicide tour has stretched from coast to coast of the United States, and it even saw some dates across the border in Canada before the tour makes its way to the final date of the tour on 9/24. The tour definitely took a hit when its headliner - Decapitated - ran into a bit of legal trouble earlier this month, causing the band to have to cancel their appearances for the remainder of the tour (but we're not getting into that). But the rest of the bands - Ghost Bath, Fallujah, and the almighty Thy Art Is Murder - stepped up their game and delivered on their commitment to this tour, and it ended up being one of the best metal shows I've been to all year.

First up was GHOST BATH - a band I've been dying to see for a while now and it has finally happened. I wanted to see these guys when they did their headliner for their new album - Starmourner - came out earlier this year, but wasn't able to make it to the show. Going into the show as a Ghost Bath fan, I was really hoping these guys could pull off the incredible sound that they have on their recordings, especially since their vocals are not exactly something you hear every day. As soon as they came out and just started ripping through their set, it was obvious - these guys knew exactly how to capture the mood and tone that their music was written to tend to. It was clear that the crowd felt it too, as their reaction was incredibly supportive of a style that seems to get an undeserved amount of trash talking online. But Ghost Bath more than pulled it off, and it made for one of the finest opening sets I've seen in such a long time - they crushed it. No joke, I got actual goosebumps during their set - that's how chilling it actually was.

FALLUJAH took to the stage next, and while I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of these guys sound, their performance was incredibly intense and strong. Throughout their heavy, technical, and downright heavy set, Fallujah managed to blend different styles and sounds of heavy metal genre to appeal to fans of all sorts: from the dudes who need to know every technicality of the song to the dudes who just like heavy jams to hang out to. They are super tight live, and definitely got the crowd jumping and got their blood pumping for the main act. If you are a fan of these guys recordings, surely you'll be impressed with how sick of a set these guys managed to pull off live.

And finally, the main event of the night coming all the way from Australia is the legendary THY ART IS MURDER. I've been lucky enough to see these monsters in action a handful of times before this show, but none of those shows compared to how absolutely insane they were for the Double Homicide Tour. From the moment they walked out until the moment they left the stage in ruins, Thy Art Is Murder fucking devastated the Big Apple with a set that highlights and celebrates years worth of badass death metal and hard work. Pulling songs from Hate, Holy War, and the fresh of the press Dear Desolation, TAIM ripped through a gnarly set with classic songs like "The Purest Strain of Hate," "Absolute Genocide," "Shadow of Eternal Sin," and of course "No Absolution." From Dear Desolation, the band also played a nice selection which included "The Son of Misery," "Puppet Master," "Slaves Beyond Death" and the title track (and my personal favorite) "Dear Desolation." Of course, it wouldn't be a Thy Art Is Murder show without the epic finale that is "Reign of Darkness" - an anthem to fans who have been listening to this band since "Hate" came out in 2012. The band's stage presence is awesome, CJ is a legendary frontman who doesn't take shit from anyone, and overall it was a sick night for the books. I was lucky enough to have had an awesome chat with the guys before their set and as always, they are totally humble and down to Earth dudes.

It was definitely a shame Decapitated were not able to perform on this tour, as it would have been one hell of a lineup, but the rest of the bands made up for it and clearly didn't let it slow down their stride in the least bit. Next up, TAIM are off to Europe/UK with a fucking mental lineup: After The Burial, Oceano, and Justice For The Damned. For dates and tickets, check out Thy Art Is Murder on Facebook!


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