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Horror Club: IT.

IT is everywhere in the world right now - Pennywise and his red balloon has taken not just the horror community but the world by storm, and the movie has gone on to be a box office legend in its first month, grossing more than $268 million in just the United States and Canada alone. With a budget of just $35 million, IT has done disgustingly well money wise - but that's not all, the fans reception of the movie has been overwhelmingly positive. So we here at Soulless are here to settle the score: is IT worth all the hype it has been getting?! Allow me to sum it up briefly for you: fuck yeah. IT is - without a doubt - one of the best films I have seen in the past decade, and I can't wait to see it again.

It's the summer of 1989, and all is quiet in the town of Derry, Maine - well, that's if you ignore the amount of missing kids. Kids go missing in Derry so often that just as quickly as one is announced missing, another one goes missing. In October the year before, Bill Denbrough's little brother Georgie went missing after chasing a paper sailboat - the SS Georgie - down the rainy street and into the sewer. The film follows Bill's group of friends - the Losers Club - as they are both tormented by the notorious Pennywise the Dancing Clown and as they adventure to try and destroy him. The group of teenagers must approach their fears head on to destroy the clown responsible for claiming and devouring all of the missing boys and girls of Derry.

So I'm just going to sat it: IT was terrifying and perfect. Not even five minutes into the movie, I knew the audience was in for a treat and that this movie was going to be something crazy. When Pennywise first makes his appearance, the sheer terror that he sends down your spine is unlike any other character the cinema has seen since the great slasher films of our childhoods. Everything from the voice to the outfit to the way he even presents himself - only one way to describe it: pure fucking terror. Pennywise is essentially the Green Lantern of your nightmares; he's able to shapeshift and manipulate himself to become what you hear the most. So essentially, Pennywise IS your greatest fear, your greatest nightmare. It's what makes him such a great villain, and his presence on screen is absolutely terrifying. Whenever he's not on screen, you're sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the next moment the red-nosed terror is going to pop up and strike fear into the hearts of the kids in Derry. And the Losers Club realized just what they have to do to destroy the ancient evil that is Pennywise: they must confront him, thereby also confronting their fears. And the outcome is absolutely epic.

This rendition of IT has it all: it is beautifully shot, the actors did an exceptional job, and the story is both engaging and scary as hell. The group of teenagers - as well as poor little Georgie - did an outstanding job inviting you into their circle and making you feel at home with them as they adventure together again both the hometown bullies and the evil that is Pennywise. It's one of those movies where you'll absolutely create an emotional bond with the kids, and you'll find yourself rooting for them, where ever their journey takes them.

This movie completely, not doubt lives up to all of the hype it has been getting, and for good reason: it is an undeniable truth that the team behind IT managed to create and capture something so horrifying on one end (Pennywise) and a group of awesome, badass relate-able kids on the other end. Very few movies can make you fall in love with both sides of the spectrum, but the team behind IT got it right. The sequel to the film - due out in September 2019 - feels like it's a hundred years away, but that's no problem, we'll just keep pressing rewind on this one until then.


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