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A Soulless Halloween

It has finally arrived - October 31st. Halloween. The one day of the year I honestly look forward to and the one day of the year I consider sacred. There are literally hundreds upon thousands of people out there just like me - Halloween isn't just any old holiday, it's the most important time of the year. It's a month long celebration of all things spooky and scary. The weather gets cooler, the air gets crisper, and there's a particular feeling that you just don't get the rest of the year. Halloween is a truly remarkable and magicial time of the year, and it brings back the absolute fondest of memories for me. From the costumes to the candy, and the movies to the masks, Halloween encompasses all that I love in life. But like many others who share the love of this holiday, as I grow older, it's more than just a fun day of the year. It's a chance to let your inner child come out and play, and celebrate all things scary! Since I was a child, it's always been horror for me. I was introduced to some of the best of the genre at an early age; Children of the Corn, The Exorcist, Night of the Living Dead, and of course the classic slashers Freddy, Jason and Michael. Visiting Blockbuster early Friday night to pick out the weekends movies and snacks was always the highlight of the week. My brothers and I go ravage through the aisles of the chain store to find the movies with the best box art to take home and watch on Friday and Saturday night before returning them early Sunday morning. We couldn't wait to get home and pop the VHS tapes into the player and bring on the scares. I loved it all; vampires, zombies, killers, psychos, monsters... you name it, I wanted to watch it! It was from these early films that I fell in love with the genre, and here I am, just a few weeks shy of turning 28, and I can't get enough of anything Halloween related. And not to mention the Halloween activity no kid can forget - trick or treating! Each year my mother ensured I had the costume I wanted, and on All Hallows Eve we would get dressed up and explore the streets of our town, gathering goodies like sweets, pennies, and little plastic play-things. My brothers and I would hurry home to inventory our stash and trade whatever goods we didn't like in exchange for something better. Our little plastic pumpkins would sit on our table, overflowing with candy our neighbors poured into our hands. From gummy eye balls to sugar skeletons you can put together - these are the memories of Halloween I'll take to the grave. Even as I get older, it's not about the slutty costumes or getting fucked up at a party dressed in a cheesy punny costume - it's about reliving those moments of pure delight and bliss I experienced as a child each year on Halloween. As the dark of night engulfs the city tonight and the veil is lifted between the realm of the living and that of the dead, my soul is filled with nothing but joy and excitement. The ghouls, goblins, and creeps will be out in full force, and its the best night of the year to feel alive. I hope everyone reading this has an incredible, fright-filled Halloween, and that your night is filled with plenty of treats and not too many tricks. Tonight is our night of the year to dress to impress, watch something scary enough to keep us up all night, and if that doesn't work, hopefully your sugar consumption from your candy does the trick. This year, Soulless Cult is celebrating from our home-away-from-home in the quiet village of Sleepy Hollow, New York. Happy Halloween from Soulless! 


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