Methwitch - Piss

The term "heavy" has officially taken on new meaning since the release of "Piss," the brand new record by New Mexico death metal band Methwitch. The band - or should I say Cameron McBride, the one man machine behind Methwitch - packed a whole lot of punch into the newest offering. Combining elements of everything we love from extreme metal - from breakdowns and sick slams to filthy fucking vocals and brutal fucking instrumentals - "Piss" has quickly become one of the most intense and utterly heavy records to debut this year.

Methwitch mastermind McBride managed to accomplish something many bands have been striving to achieve, and he did it with flying colors. His vocal style is absolutely absurd; his ranges from horrifying highs and unhuman lows alone puts Methwitch in an elite position on the map. Combine that with the punishing guitars and drums, and you've got a recipe for one of 2017's top contenders for underrated albums. It's honestly hard to even suggest just a few songs to start with, but "Priest of Piss," "Voiddweller," and "Gasp" are probably some of my favorites I'd suggest you start with. They show off just how mental McBride is willing to get with his fifteen-track album, which by the way, totals to just about a full hour worth of high-tension extreme metal. Oh, and most definitely "Guillotine II," it's fucking HEAVY. The track "Carmine" features Bryan of Drowning as well as Daniel of Farooq and the sick features are prime examples of how to bring in excellent talent to feature on your stuff.

Without trying to overhype the record, I can't recommend "Piss" enough times. It is a devastating new take on metal, erasing the borders that define genres and blending what we all love about this these styles of music. And to think this was put together by the hands of just one dude makes it even better; McBride has set the bar incredibly high for himself with the release of "Piss," and I can't wait to hear where Methwitch goes on the future. His shrieks and growls, backed with his pounding guitars and devastating percussion, are something you are absolutely not going to want to pass up on hearing. Methwitch takes this shit to a whole new level.

Check out the FULL album by Methwitch, brought to you by Slam Worldwide, via the video below!