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Bodysnatcher - Death Of Me

"Death Of Me," the brand new album by Florida's BODYSNATCHER has been one of my most anticipated releases of 2017. The bands previous release Abandonment was a gnarly entry into the scene, and when they announced a new album to be released on Stay Sick Recordings, to say I was excited would be a total understatement. Release day has come and gone, but I haven't been able to shut "Death Of Me" off since the moment I got it. It's a damn good record, and its some of the heaviest shit you'll hear in these final weeks of the year.

The album is lined with nine punishing tracks that are packed full of raw, unedited emotion and astonishingly heavy breakdowns. The guitar tones used in the very opening of "Stab" set the stage for what to expect Bodysnatcher to deliver on this album, as the vocals and rest of the band kick in. You can feel all the aggression, misery, and hate as it comes across your headphones from the vocalist (who has a pretty sick array of vocal styles used across the album). As soon as the first breakdown of the record hits, it feels like they just don't stop coming (and nobody is complaining!). The record has its moments where it "picks it up," but that's not before it jumps right back into another beautifully brutal breakdown. Such is the case with the title track "Death Of Me" - the breakdown that hits towards the beginning of the track is crazy. This theme continues throughout the album, making it almost feel gloomy and doomy. It feels like a pretty decently dark record as you listen to it, and it feels like the band really captured the emotion they were trying to get across to the listener; and they do it in the heaviest way possible.

Some of my favorites off the album have to be "Open Wounds," "Rancid," and the closing track "Closer To Hell." These songs will get you head banging or destroying your surroundings, that's for sure. They are all definitely violent mosh worthy, in case that was something anybody was worried about! It's notoriously heavy parts WILL be putting Bodysnatcher on the map, which is sick because I'd love to see these guys do some crazy ass tours. You won't find anything crazy revolutionary on "Death Of Me," but I don't think that was the point of this album. It wasn't meant to be a show of technical skill or writing styles, I think Bodysnatcher just wanted to write something heavy and real - and "Death Of Me" certainly accomplishes both those things. Check out "Heavy Gloom" - a prime example that something doesn't have to have crazy riffs or numerous time changes to be an incredible song... sometimes you just need something that's going to strike your listener the way it did to you, and they accomplished that, for sure. "Death Of Me" is one of the more fun yet crushing records of 2017, and I can't wait to see what comes next for these relentless dudes. I can already tell that these songs are going to translate super well live, and I look forward to seeing that happen soon!

Check out the video below for "Death Of Me" featuring Darius of Spite! If you like what you hear, make sure you pick up a copy of the album, out now!


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