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Hollow Prophet - Hellhole

It's only been two months since the announcement of the formation of the powerful HOLLOW PROPHET, but in those two months the band have teased and teased and teased. And finally, the debut EP "Hellhole" from the death metal 'supergroup' has FINALLY arrived, and with it comes wave after wave of some of the finest extreme metal we've gotten all year long. Fronted by Shadow of Intent's Ben Duerr, Hollow Prophet has Jack Simmons of Slaughter To Prevail/Acrania absolutely destroying on guitars and punishing on drums is Luka Vezzosi of Within Destruction legacy. So yeah, put this much crazy talent together and their destiny was already forged: Hollow Prophet is loud, brutal, and fucking devastating. "Hellhole" is unlike anything you've heard before.

The EP kicks off with "Infernal Cleansing," an instantly crushing track that wastes no time throwing you straight into the heart of Hell. It's incredibly well structured - yet equally chaotic - and its heavy as fuck. The instrumentals lay the perfect groundwork for the notorious vocals Duerr belts out. The guitars are fast and damning - at least until the MENTAL breakdown that drops, which somehow lowers you into the even deeper and darker layers of Hell. The guitars are definitely reminiscent of Slaughter To Prevail (and that is NOT a bad thing) - but they somehow feel heavier and more intense. If this song doesn't do it for you, you've lost your mind. The chaos doesn't let up as "Black Communion" continues to ravage and punish, destroying all in its path with its wailing guitars. It's an all out war in your headphones before the gnarly breakdown hits and your punishment awaits. Absolute death. "Deluded Dominion" and "Conjuring of Impurity" are much the same - relentless chaos as second after second, crushing tones and blast beats chip away at all that you thought heavy metal was. Hollow Prophet were clearly out to reinvent the way extreme metal sounds and to create something next level, and I'd say they've achieved just that. Every track seems heavier than the previous one, and it gets to a point where you just gotta say "Goddamn." Check out the last minute or so of "Conjuring of Impurity" if you don't understand what I mean by that.

The only complaint one could possibly have about this offering is that this thing doesn't have more tracks!! I've played through "Hellhole" a ton of times already and I can't hit the repeat button quick enough each time. This is a truly remarkable release by some of the best in scene. "Hellhole" is straight fucking death metal fire.

Check out the FULL debut EP from Hollow Prophet in the video below, courtesy of Slam Worldwide!


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