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Horror Club: Street Trash

It's no secret that some of the best horror films of all time came out of the 80s. Many of those movies went on to become famous franchises and the villians became iconic. But theres hundreds upon hundreds of hidden gems out there that unfortunately never got the true recognition they deserve. Such is the case for the remarkable 1987 film "Street Trash," written and produced by Roy Frumkes and directed by Jim Muro. It is an underground, cult classic that is well recoganized in the genre, but more people definitely need to see.

Greenpoint, Brooklyn - there's plenty of hobos roaming the streets and sharing a makeshift community in the back of a run down, unmaintained junkyard. On the hunt for cheap liquor, the hobos begin acquiring "Viper," sixty year old wine that the liquor store owner found in the cellar of the store and put on sale for just a buck. Only problem with Viper is that its deadly, and in a totally gruesome way - it makes you MELT! A cop tries working the streets to find out how the deaths are occurring and what the actual fuck is going on in New York. Meanwhile, two homeless brothers are doing their best to survive another night in the world of chaos they live in. You see, there's this deranged lunatic Vietnam veteran named Bronson who believes that the junkyard is his domain and that he is their leader. The dude even carries a knife made out of a human bone on him (it's totally awesome by the way). That pretty much sums it up.

Street Trash has it ALL: booze, babes, gore, vomit, dicks, the mafia, and that badass bone knife! What makes this movie so great, in my eyes, is without a doubt the over the top deaths they threw into this film. Drinking Viper has one side effect: you. will. die. But there's various ways that the poor consumers meet their untimely demise: one melts away right down the drain of a toilet, one inflates until he straight up explodes, another turns to liquid right on the city street; you get the picture: people turn to liquid! The deaths are some of the most insane, humorous, and over the top in the genre and they are fucking BRUTAL.

Everything about Street Trash is gross. The people are gross, the sounds they make are gross, the faces they make are gross, and of course - the mess they leave behind is definitely gross. The mixture of blood, guts, and whatever the colorful slime you melt into is makes for one HELL of a mess to clean up. And without giving too much away, the final death scene is an absolutely blast - totally fucked up, but awesome. The actors in this film all did a great job of acting just slightly off and delusional in their own world.

Like I said, it's got a little something for everybody. It's got plenty of disgusting gore to keep you satisfied, along with just enough beautiful, classic 80s nudity. There's even a great scene where one of the hobos gets his "manhood" cut off by lunatic leader Bronson, and the willy gets thrown all around the junkyard, person-to-person as the owner chases it around - it's goddamn genius. Street Trash is an instant classic for me, and one that I cannot recommend enough to anyone who loves cheesy, horror-comedies and just overall wacky fun. The "melt movie" genre is one I admittedly don't have nearly enough time invested in, but I can't imagine they get much better than the classic STREET TRASH.


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