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A Night In Texas - Global Slaughter

If you consider yourself a fan of extreme metal music - deathcore especially - the name 'A Night In Texas' should not be a stranger to you. The band's 2015 release "The God Delusion" put the Australian 5-piece on the map when fans began to hear that the band combined all the things we love about deathcore and death metal into one neat but devastating package. Then last year, the "Unholy Alliance" split between A Night in Texas and Angelmaker shook the goddamn underground, offering just a little taste of what fans of both bands had coming. It's been a while since that split dropped, but A Night In Texas have FINALLY followed up with a brand new, full length album of pure chaos and brutality. The band have become a household name in the deathcore community, and for good reason: their brand of intense, aggressive metal is one that is often sought after by many bands, but very few seem to ever achieve. "Global Slaughter" is ten epic tracks of deathcore goodness to close out a crazy year for death metal fans on the perfect note. It's the final offering before we usher in the new year, and it may just be among the top releases of 2017 - yeah, its that damn good.

The track "Global Slaughter" launches you right into the action (after its very brief build up and intro) of blast beats, gnarly guitar tones, and of course, the iconic vocals of Ethan Lucas. His range is to be admired; it blends between sections of songs effortlessly and brutally. The guitars are pulverizing throughout, appealing to both those who are into technical writing and those who just like downright, ugly and heavy breakdowns. There is no downtime on this record - there's crazy riffs around every corner, so there's plenty of sick guitar work to keep you enticed and engaged through the entire duration of the album. Check out songs like "Population Extermination" and "Genisys" to get just a taste of what to expect from the rest of the album. The songs are all perfectly crafted, with sections beautifully leading into each other as the vocals just pour out and consume the track with its sheer rawness. The album also contains one of my top guest appearances of the entire year on it; "Harvested" is a blast of pure metal fury and heaviness. Its easily one of the best tracks off "Global Slaughter," and that's before you even get to Ben Duerr of Shadow of Intent's guest vocal spot that is pure. fucking. mayhem. The lead into it, as it begins to slow and build before the albums best breakdown is absolute brilliance. Definitely a highlight for an album that's already full of nasty, unnerving metal to melt your goddamn face off. Be sure to check out "Scorched Earth," "War Born," and the closing track "Death March" - fuck, you just really need to hear this entire beast from beginning to end. It's one of those albums that is most impressive when its heard in its entirety, as you can truly grasp the ranges and talents of these dudes. If you're going to give "Global Slaughter" a chance, make sure you're giving yourself enough time to get through the whole thing - it's going to leave you both completely and utterly satisfied, as well as craving more from the fine men who make up A Night In Texas.

The band have made the entire album available for streaming on their YouTube channel, so check out the video below for the album in its entirety! If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the band on Facebook and show them some love!


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