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One Year of Soulless Cult

Soulless Cult is officially one year old today, and I couldn't be more excited for where we have gone with this, what we have accomplished, and what we have planned. The past year has been filled with dozens of deathcore and death metal album reviews, horror movie reviews, reviews of shows we've been to, and of course our obsession with serial killers. We had two incredible interviews and giveaways with artists Creeptoons and Andy Sciazko, two of the best dudes ever. We launched our own shop selling our inverted cross pins that have gone both all over the country and over the world, hitting places far from our headquarters in New York such as Florida, California, Washington, Texas, Wyoming and even as far as the United Kingdom and Spain. We've gotten support from dozens of people we admire in bands, people in the death community, and even in the film industry. We made friends with tons of awesome people from all over the world who share our ideals, interests, and music. But most importantly, we've gotten support from hundreds of people across multiple platforms who are just like you; and we are eternally grateful for every like, comment, share, retweet, whatever. Our community that we have created around Soulless has been a tremendous part of my every day life, and as we continue to grow, I hope it will be a part of yours, too.

Thank you for a sick fucking year.

Your Cult Leader, Bobby Cvlt.





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