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Horror Club: Creep 2

CREEP - the 2014 film by Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass that became an instant favorite of mine - finally got its long awaited sequel in October 2017. Fans of the first film were teased for a long time about a follow up to Creep for quite a while, so when it was finally released to the public, I couldn't wait to finally see it. Creep 2 features our favorite psychopath Josef (portrayed by Mark Duplass), but this time around he goes by the name Aaron. If you aren't already aware of any other work of Duplass, you're in for a real treat if either of the Creep movies are your first time watching something of his - he's a goddamn master of his craft and does an exquisite job at quite literally becoming the psycho in the story. He's sick in every part he plays, but he's exceptionally good in the two Creep films.

Creep 2 introduces us to a cute, purple haired chick named Sara (played by Desiree Akhavan) who hosts an intriguing internet show called "Encounters" where she responds to online ads on Craigslist, and films her experiences with the characters she meets from the net. If you couldn't already guess it, this is how she meets our lovable lunatic Aaron. Aaron puts out an ad seeking a videographer, and Sara eagerly responds, bringing her face to face with Aaron. He offers her the job, explaining that he wants to use her video services for the day to tell his story, and will compensate her $1000. The catch is that he admits to her almost immediately that he is a serial killer, and that he wants to document his story on video. This is what begins the incredible journey these tow take you through: the mind of a psychopathic killer.

Creep 2 is fucking awesome. It is a grand follow-up to its predecessor, doing an excellent job portraying the stories of both Aaron and Sara in a really cool found footage style. Aaron is just as much of a lunatic this time around, and the poor girl he roped into getting involved in his devious ways is a total badass. She does an awesome job of documenting what it is Aaron wants documented, but also makes sure she gets the footage that she wants for her own use. The back and forth between the two is pretty great, and many moments during their interactions will leave you thinking "what the fuck." There's something about how Duplass portrays the crazy man he plays where it actually feels like he is legitimately a lunatic. The progression of the story is really solid and flows nicely, and each scene leaves you on edge as you try to figure out where it is going exactly and if the badass Sara is in deeper than she realizes. Without wanting to give too much away, the ending to this film (much like the original) is a total mind fuck (and regular readers of Soulless know I love a good mind fuck). It manages to one-up its self scene after scene. While the ending isn't as mind blowing as the original Creep (which fucked me up), it is phenomenal in its own way and is an AWESOME compliment to the rest of the film.

Creep 2 is one you do NOT want to miss out on. You're no doubt going to want to watch the first movie before jumping into the sequel, since there is a pretty good amount of references to the original. But I honestly believe Creep 2 is pure brilliance, and once again I am absolutely ecstatic about a possible Creep 3; I can't wait to see where this story and its characters go. The Creep "series" is a super under-appreciated set of movies, and I really hope more people will take the time to check out Creep 2 in the coming months to see the pure genius that Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass deliver once again.


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