Crown Magnetar - The Prophet of Disgust

Crown Magnetar from Colorado Springs, Colorado are, without a doubt, the upcoming new kings of Deathcore, and their brand new six-song EP "The Prophet of Disgust" is one of the most devastating forms of sheer brutality we've seen from an up and coming band. The EP is absolutely relentless in its delivery of grimy vocals, fucking nutty guitars and the completely badass blastbeats and breakdowns to go with it. Crown Magnetar have managed to one-up dozens upon dozens of debut EPs we've heard from other bands this past year, and in doing so they have set the bar disgustingly high in just the first week of 2018."The Prophet of Disgust" is a sick fucking display of hard work and dedication to their sound, and I can't emphasize enough just how incredibly heavy and insane these guys go on this release. These guys are the future of this genre, and if this is what they can do just for an EP, imagine where these guys can take this; I, for one, am stoked to see where Crown Magnetar goes.

"The Eyes of Discontent" quietly eases you in as it builds up into thunderous riffs, pounding drums, and absolutely fucking relentless vocals. It encompasses everything we've come to love about extreme metal; of coarse, including mental breakdowns and even slammy and filthy growls that really push this track to be a beautiful display of insanity. If this track alone doesn't pull you in from the get-go, you've lost your mind. The following tracks"Immolation" and "Detestable Impurity" continue to deliver incredible quality riffs paired with blastbeats that will melt your brain straight out of your fucking head. The mix is so professionally done and sounds straight up filthy both in headphones and through speakers - only earning these guys more points in terms of quality and overall sound. Its obvious these guys knew what they wanted their sound to be like, and the final product couldn't have been done any better. One of my favorite tracks off the album, "Mountain of Flesh" feels like an unstoppable force of devastation that just gets progressively heavier and heavier (and filthier and filthier) as the songs two and a half minutes play out. Every song off "The Prophet of Disgust" is sick, but "Mountain of Flesh" would be the song I'd recommend checking out first - it's a goddamn masterpiece. But the beatdown doesn't end there, as "Execrator" and "Fetus in Fetu" finish out the slaughter Crown Magnetar delivers to your eardrums - a perfect ending to the perfect beginning of 2018. The band finish off the last song on the album ("Fetus in Fetu") with arguably one of the genres best breakdowns in a long time. "The Prophet of Disgust" delivers on every single level, and it is one you DEFINITELY do not want to miss out on.

Check out "The Prophet of Disgust" in its entirety in the video below, courtesy of Slam Worldwide! If you like what you hear, check out Crown Magnetar's website, Facebook, and merch store!