Fang - Void

Any modern day deathcore fan could tell you about how Australia has been absolutely killing it the past few years; the extreme music coming out of the country has been some of the freshest, angriest, and straight up filthy music to come to the worldwide stage in a long time. With today's release of "Void" - the new five-track EP from the Sunshine Coast's FANG - another epic piece of art has been added to the legendary collection from the Australian music scene. "Void" is a dominating and devastating release that will surely show the world just how Australia does down-tempo deathcore.

"Communion" kicks off the EP with pretty haunting sounds and eerie notes as one of our favorite cult leaders - Marshall Applewhite aka Do of the Heaven's Gate cult - delivers one of his famous quotes about planet Earth, complete with super eerie tone and effects. Its a gnarly lead-in to "Planetary Reprise," the following track that jumps right into the action. The EP has got everything you would want from a band like Fang - super heavy grooves complete with violence-inducing breakdowns sure to please fans of the genre. The vocals do an excellent job joining the instrumentals to create a super dark, heavy atmosphere that will no doubt get your head banging and bobbing along. The build ups throughout the album most definitely deliver some supreme heaviness, and the delivery of the breakdowns that follow (most notably on the gnarly "Devour // Defile") are totally sick. The band linked up with Rheese Peters (Semper Fi / ex-A Night In Texas) for "Brainworm" - arguably the darkest feeling track on the record - and it's nothing short of brutality. Rheese Peters's vocal style compliments Fang's sound perfectly, so they totally hit the nail on the head in terms of bringing in a guest spot. Its pure filth you don't want to miss out on. "Voidwalker" closes out "Void" with djent-feeling guitars that are absolutely crushing - if these don't get you headbanging at least a little, you better be fuckin' dead. Its a sick, bouncy track that would translate beautifully live, I'm sure. That growl at the end of the track, along with the thunderous claps from the instrumentals, are absolutely flawless in their delivery of devastating deathcore goodness. Fang crushed it with their first release, and if this is just a tease as to what's coming in the future from the band, consider me hyped. Fang have managed to capture dark elements and combine it with a crushing sound, and the final product is sheer fucking insanity. Give this one a listen, for sure.

Check out the lyric video below for "Brainworm" feature Rheese Peters, and if you like what you hear, check out the full album on Bandcamp and check them out on Facebook!