Signs of Omnicide - Era Of Omniscience

Fresh out of Brownsville, Texas comes one of the most demanding and vile albums we've gotten our hands on in a long time. Signs of Omnicide have their brand new record - Era of Omniscience - coming out February 26th via the legendary Inherited Suffering Records, and it's a no brainer why the band ended up on Inherited Suffering in the first place. Delivering powerful and straight up ruthless brutal death metal, Signs of Omnicide have managed to piece together a ten-track bonanza of relentless and punishing metal that not only sets the bar really high for the band, but for the genre as a whole. It's still the beginning of 2018, and Signs of Omnicide have already managed to capture the attention of extreme metal fans all over the world due to their unique, fresh take on brutal death metal and the infusion of deathcore and slam elements into their debut full length. Era Of Omniscience is brilliant from beginning to end, and credit is due to the band for coming in disgustingly strong for their first release. Era Of Omniscience is a do-not-miss on our list, without a doubt, and I'm excited to see these guys take off as the year progresses.

"Abhorrence" kicks off the record instantly putting you into their world of chaos; it's almost foreshadowing in the sense that this record does not let up for one second - they don't waste any time into getting straight to the point of heavy fucking metal. Every bit and piece of songs like "Cycles of Infinite Anguish," "Revelations," and my personal favorite "Disfigured Creations" were pieced together brilliantly, with each note and blast beat and growl exactly where it needs to be. All of the instruments come together perfectly to form various levels of chaos: from headbanging melodies to punch-someones-face breakdowns and all the things we love about brutal death metal in between. Whether it was intentional or not, the band managed to also do a really good job at letting particular instruments have their moments to shine and really show what their members can do. There's super groovy and sick riffage from the guitars, devastating blast beats from the drums (check out the title track "Era of Omniscience" for some of his gnarly work) and of course the straight-out-the-gutter vocals that range from menacing deathcore-style screams and growls to absolutely mind-melting slammy-low goodness. Definitely an added bonus that the album as as a whole has a little bit of everything in it: Era of Omniscience should have no problem appealing to deathcore fans and brutal death metal fans alike, there's a great balance and infusion going on all throughout the album. Check out tracks like "Blastphemian Rhapsody" and "Abstract Animosity" (which features a sick guest spot by Antonio Magdaleno of The Valley) for perfect examples of how Signs of Omnicide manage to capture the best of both worlds and make one insane song after another. Overall, Era of Omniscience is an absolutely crushing and fucking mental release; the dudes who make up Signs of Omnicide have conjured up an absolutely evil-sounding, devastating-blow to the death metal scene, and hopefully this means we'll only see more and more to come from the Texas-based band. There's no doubt potential for Signs of Omnicide to take over the genre, so I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for when that happens.

Check out "Cycles of Infinite Anguish" below thanks to Slam Worldwide! "Era of Omniscience" officially releases February 26th, 2018 via Inherited Suffering Records. You can pre-order a digital version of the album on their Bandcamp, or you can get exclusive physical items at the Inherited Suffering store.