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Second Death - Substance

Out of the depths of Valdosta, GA comes SECOND DEATH - skull-shattering, knees-buckling brutality - who just released a brand new EP entitled "Substance" last week. Second Death's sound is all up in your shit, vicious and downright savage. Substance delivers five devastating new tracks to listeners, and its pretty undeniable that these songs - pieced together by five young dudes - are a prime example of what the aggressive music scene needs right now. Its hard hitting, and that doesn't let up until the second the album ends; "Release," the intro track to the EP, introduces you to the offering with a gnarly, bass-heavy breakdown that is the perfect hype that you need for what is about to follow. The title track "Substance" comes blasting and beating into your eardrums with some crazy ass heavy guitars just before the sick, raw vocals jump in - and it all leads up to an absolute mind-melting chug that makes you want to smash the shit out of everything in the room. You'll catch elements of hardcore, metalcore, and even deathcore throughout the EP, and its done really well and it all sounds so fluent and natural. "Substance" is no doubt my favorite track off the album - if it doesn't make you wanna lose your mind in the pit, check your damn headphones.

"Surface" and "God Money" keep the show rolling, and continue to deliver that same crushing, angry (and therapeutic) sound that Substance offers. You'll no doubt catch the aggressive and powerful lyrics as the songs play out, and the "this is hell!" part of "Surface" is definitely going to be sick live. The combination of all the instrumentals and vocals (along with the guest spots by Ben Revell on "Substance" and Matthew Zagorski on "Shift") all come together and form some really dope metal along the likes of Bodysnatcher, Face Your Maker, Denihilist, and even Spite. If you love the sound of the combination of raw passion and anger, you're going to want to make sure you don't pass on Second Death or this album - you'll be pleasenetly surprised with just how sick this came out. "Shift" closes out the record, building and building and building until one of my favorite individual parts of the record - it's hard to describe, but there's this badass, head-banging part of the song that is just so damn good. And the breakdown in "Shift" - yeah, you're going to want to hear it, without a doubt. The wailing guitars that carry you out of the song (and album) are some of my favorite I've heard from a band this year - they are beautiful and almost even feel passive-aggressive in their delivery (which might not make sense until you hear it, but damn). Substance as a whole is a great display of good ol' metal from Georgia and a mental follow-up to the bands "Casket" release from last year.

Catch Second Death on tour right now with Widowmaker across the United States (click here for dates)! Check out the video above for the track "Substance" off the album, and if you like what you hear, you can grab a copy of the album on Second Death's Bandcamp (along with "Casket"), and don't forget to keep up with the band on Facebook!


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