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Horror Club: Attack of the Killer Donuts

Our "hole" lives, we've been eating them: donuts. But now, it's them eating US! This week, the Soulless Horror Club is taking a look at the 2016 horror comedy Attack of the Killer Donuts! Directed by Scott Wheeler and written by Nathan Dalton, Chris De Christopher, and Rafael Diaz-Wagner, Attack of the Killer Donuts shows us what happens when you mix together a science experiment gone wrong and arguably the best junk food ever: the old fashioned donut!

Welcome to Dandy Donuts - a small, hole-in-the-wall donut shop that, even by appearance alone, looks kinda sleazy. Johnny Wentworth (played by Justin Ray) and his coworker Michelle (played by Kayla Compton) are working the late shift at the donut shop, and its a typical day at the snack shop; that is, until Johnny's crazy (however genius) uncle Luther shows up. Uncle Luther is a self-proclaimed scientist who lives with Johnny and his mother, and in his little sanctuary, Luther has been messing around with various chemicals and toxins in an attempt to bring a dead rat back to life. The chemical (which is identical to the reanimation formula from Re-Animator, that had to be intentional!) is a gnarly, bright glowing green substance that when injected into a dead organism, causes it to come back to life, but with a vengeance! Long story short, when the chemical makes it into the batch of freshly baked donuts at Dandy Donuts, it causes the unthinkable to happen: the donuts suddenly begin to come to life! And they only want one thing: to eat you alive!!!

If you take this movie at face value and don't think too much about it, you're going to fucking love Attack of the Killer Donuts. If you can't enjoy a good, over-the-top cheese-fest, then you won't make it more than 15 minutes into this film; that pretty much sums it up. The movie isn't meant to be inventive or even unique: it feels like it was made to be entertaining, and that's exactly what it does, and it does it well! Donuts come to life and start eating people, for fucks sake! The two main stars of the film are very likable; they could be a little cringey at times but overall, their adventures as characters is fun and lame. The donuts themselves actually look pretty darn cool, they don't look like sock puppets or terrible effects, the quality of their appearance is actually pretty high. And honestly, they are even a little bit adorable looking with their vicious fangs and all! The story line and the characters you meet along the way are definitely entertaining and full of crazy surprises. From the group of guys who verbally harass Michelle to the two dumbo cops who just make mistakes left and right to the oddly sexual middle aged woman who seems like she is about to make love to her box of dozen donuts - all the craziness going on both inside and outside of the donut shop is funny enough to warrant your watch time, that's for sure.

For a movie that definitely plays on the cheese-factor and knows how silly it is, the main thing Attack of the Killer Donuts could have done better as the actual death scenes. Sure, the donuts are cute rolling all around the place and causing a ruckus, but these are killer donuts; I would have liked to see some more brutal and relentless deaths, with a lot more blood!! If there's anything that makes a horror comedy like this one good, it's lots of unnecessary blood! Unfortunately, this movie just doesn't deliver that little bit of extra blood and death that would make it just that much better. Regardless, the lameness of the rest of the movie (especially the final scene at the donut shop) totally make up for that, and brings Attack of the Killer Donuts into the redeeming light. It's a fun, light-hearted, flat-out lame movie that does its job well; I'd be lying if I said I didn't chuckle a few times when watching it, thinking to myself what the hell am I watching.

Check out the trailer below for Attack of the Killer Donuts!


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