Traitors - Anger Issues

Florida's Traitors have earned themselves a fitting reputation as one of the best in the scene right now over the past few years. The hard work they've put into touring, writing, and releasing some of the most honest and raw music our generation has seen has made Traitors a well-known (and well deserved) name in the heavy music community. When they announced that they were disbanding, the music scene was shaken, and the lack of their presence was definitely felt across the board. Then back in August, Traitors announced they were back together and ready to take on the fucking world again, and from it, "Anger Issues" was born. The eight track album released last month is most definitely an accumulation of what the band has gone through both as individuals and as a group, and it once again brings that honest, from the heart, no bullshit attached energy and message. With "Anger Issues," Traitors are not holding back and are ready to reclaim their place in the heavy music world.

The "Intro" track to the album does a phenomenal job at hyping you up for the upcoming bomb they drop on you; it's a pounding, blood-pumping track of what the band does best: sick fucking breakdowns. If this is what the band is going to be coming out to during shows, may God have mercy on us all. "Short Fused" follows up to the intro, and it doesn't take long for the iconic style of vocalist Tyler Shelton to crush your ear drums, backed by the damning instrumentals of Alan De La Torre on guitar, Jesse Kirkbride on bass, and Stephen Arango on drums. It's a blend of what we are familiar with in Traitors' sound mixed with a new type of energy they've introduced this time around. Absolutely mental. "No Peace" is one of my favorites off the album - it's two minutes of head-banging, angry as fuck metal. The breakdown towards the end - the "I am barely living, I am barely alive" breakdown - melts my brain out of my damn head every single time I hear it. Like I said, in true Traitors fashion, they don't hold back when it comes to lyrical content; they speak what they want to speak, and it's always sick. "RIP" and "Blatant Disrespect" follow the overall feeling that "Anger Issues" presents, and they are honestly two of Traitors' sickest songs to date. Pure fucking filth. They are heavy, they are punishing, and they are downright angry. The end to "RIP" will make you want to punch a hole through your damn wall. For "Medicine," Traitors brought in the super talented Chris Whited of good ol' King Conquer to deliver some relentless hardcore-style vocals, and the end result is something you didn't know you needed, but something I now can't live without. Whited and Shelton's back and forth on "Medicine" is harsh and brutal - they nailed it with the bringing him in for the guest spot on Anger Issues. Overall, this truly is some of the best tunes you'll hear from the current Traitors camp; over the past month its been out, I've found myself constantly coming back to this album because of both how I've been resonating with what they've got to say and how they are saying it. Without a doubt, Traitors absolutely slayed it on this one.

Check out the full album stream of "Anger Issues" below, and if you like what you hear, be sure to check out Traitors on Facebook and catch them on tour this spring and summer!