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Within Destruction - Deathwish

One of the years most anticipated albums finally made its way to heavy music fans last week as "Deathwish" by Slovenia's Within Destruction was released. The album is the follow-up to the band's incredibly successful and goddamn brilliant 2016 release "Void," which really caught the attention of fans from all over the extreme music spectrum. Deathwish was super anticipated, especially for me, since Within Destruction have such a unique way of delivering their harsh, damning slam and deathcore-based elements over pure brutal death metal. Within Destruction absolutely dominated every expectation I had for this release, and then some - Deathwish is a fucking beast to be reckoned with.

"External Interference" is a very different intro to an album, as it appears to be a voicemail or some sort of recorded message of someone explaining alien beings and their presence on Earth, and how Earth has some horrific events coming to it (like wiping out cities), and that the government knows all about it - yeah, it's some pretty freaky but dope shit to kick off the record. It leads right into the title track - D E A T H W I S H - which right off the bat brings the good ol' WD brees and headbanging - they waste no time getting straight to the point of loud and heavy. Between the slamming guitars, the absolutely insane blast beats and of coarse the vocals straight from the mouth of Hell itself, D E A T H W I S H was destined to be a fan favorite thanks to its smashing, devastating sound and breakdowns so heavy it could quite literally shake the damn ground. "Extinction" has grown to be one of my personal favorite tracks off the album, with its almost melodic, wailing guitars with some truly nasty squeals. When the guitars drop out and the bass continues to churn out nastiness... we definitely need more of that these days. The guitar solo just before the breakdown towards the end is both beautiful and technical, and it will definitely catch the attention of those metalheads who like to pick apart songs note for note. The breakdown on Extinction has got to be one of the heaviest of Within Destruction's whole catalog, so if that's what you've come for, this is the song you'll want to skip ahead to. "Torture Ritual" and "Human Defect" - two of the records best songs - were released just a few weeks before the release of Deathwish, and they deliver back-to-back fucking filth and devastating blows. They really manage to feel like older Within Destruction songs mixed with fresh elements; that might be hard to explain without hearing it, but one listen through both songs and you'll totally understand what I mean if you're familiar with "Void." The ending to "Human Defect" will leave you a pile of mush.

Everything on "Deathwish" is no doubt HEAVY. Touting themselves as "slamming deathcore," the band have managed to combine the disgusting heaviness of death metal with the vicious and violent vocals of slam. The band have certainly honed their sound in the time between Void and Deathwish, as it's just a downright heavier and darker feeling album. "Death Awaits Us All" has a dope build up that leads right into a gnarly solo that just flows so goddamn good, words cannot do it justice. There really is something for fans of all metal sub-genres to love off this album, and when you listen to it as a whole you'll really grasp just how all over the place it is. The vocals are broken up between "regular" growls and slammy-squeals pretty evenly throughout, the guitars jump from crushing to melodic numerous times and the drums are just pure devastation all throughout. "Darkness Swallows Life" and "False Revelation" are also tracks you're going to want to check out: they deliver some of the best deathcore-style writing Within Destruction has delivered to date. Overall, Deathwish manages to deliver on all fronts and definitely has already placed its self high on the list of crushing metal albums of the year. Do whatever it is you gotta do to grab yourself a copy of "Deathwish" - you're definitely not going to want to pass up this one.

Check out Deathwish in full at the album stream below, provided by Slam Worldwide - and if you dig what you hear, check out the band on Facebook or pick something up from their merch store!


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