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Show Review: Wednesday 13

I've been a fan of the Murderdolls for as long as I could possibly remember; I actually remember going to my local record store on release day to pick up my copy of Beyond The Valley of the Murderdolls. As the band became quieter and Wednesday 13 branched off to begin his solo career, there was no hesitation for me to jump right on in into his first release, Transylvania 90210. Since I first heard Wednesday's unique horror-influenced branch of rock and roll, I instantly fell in love. Ironically, 13 years ago was my first and only time seeing Wednesday perform - I was fifteen years old in an 18+ show at 1:30 in the morning on a school night when Wednesday took the stage, and I lost my goddamn mind. It's been thirteen long years but I finally got the chance to see and meet the man who single handedly influenced so much of my life the other night and it was fucking unreal.

NYC's legendary Gramercy Theatre hosted the event (my favorite venue in all of NYC) which was a pretty stacked lineup, with each artist being pretty drastically different from the last. Kicking off the show was Death Valley High, followed by Prison, Night Club, Wednesday 13, and the headliner was the iconic Combichrist. I got to the show super early and stayed til the very end, so I was lucky enough to catch all of the bands and every single band delivered that night. Even though each bands sound varied so differently from each other, in a weird way it was a perfectly crafted combination of bands! There was dancing, there was moshing, there was good ol' headbanging - it was a fantastic night filled with unparalleled energy and a packed out room on an awesome Friday night in the city. While I definitely fuck with Combichrist, my heart was there for one particular reason this evening, and that was to finally fulfill my dream of seeing Wednesday again.

As Wednesday took the stage alongside his absolutely killer bandmates, I instantly knew we were in for all treats and no tricks. It was incredible to see how many people in the crowd knew Wednesday and his music even though he wasn't the headliner, and it made the show just that much better. Kicking off the set with "What The Night Brings" and "Blood Sick" - two fan favorites from the newest album Condolences (check out our review of the album here) - you could physically feel the energy in the crowd as those who knew the words began to sing along and those who didn't continued to rock the fuck out. And if you know anything about Wednesday, it's his appreciation for Alice Cooper-inspired stage theatrics to coincide with his music. There's not a single moment during the bands set that there isn't something to smile at as Wednesday changes outfits into his iconic devil/priest look, his butcher look, and my personal favorite where the back of his head really steals the show! As the band continues to blast out some of the best W13 jams like "Prey For Me," "Blood Sucker," and of coarse the classics "Bad Things," "I Walked With A Zombie," "I Want You... Dead" and "I Love To Say Fuck," I finally felt complete; like a void that has been missing inside my dark, dead soul for the last thirteen years has finally been filled. I'm lucky that I get to go to many shows across New York City and Long Island, but very few bands deliver the amount of fun, excitement, and engagement that Wednesday 13 and his crew bring to the stage. If you love hard rock and you love horror movies, you will fall in love with Wednesday's discography just as I did, and you're going to want to see it live. For the 45 minutes or so the band got to play before Combichrist, the entire venue was a bloodbath of pure fun and enjoyment - the crowd couldn't get enough. Easily one of the top performances from any band I've seen in the last ten years, no doubt.

Prior to the start of the show, I had the absolute honor to meet Wednesday and his band of ghouls guitarists Roman Surman and Jack Tankersley, bassist Troy Doebbler and drummer Kyle Castronovo, and if you couldn't guess it, thy were some of the nicest fucking people I've met not only at a show but just in general. They were super down to earth, chill and funny dudes who know how to have a good time both on and off stage. I got the chance to get some stuff signed, share some memories and stories with the dudes and quite honestly fanboy a little bit. The show has become a highlight of my concert-going career and I truly had an unforgettable night - and I still stick by what I've always said: Wednesday 13 continues to be one of rock's most underrated artists of all time. Do yourself a favor and do whatever it is you have to do to catch them live: you'll have the time of your life. And if you don't... condolences.


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